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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by big mike, Apr 4, 2002.

  1. big mike

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    i need some advice on a walmart store.i'm a small lawn care company and this type of job is fairly new ,so this is the deal.
    the bid will be for mowing, trimming of area around the building.
    the area would be done with my walk behind.around 2 hrs of mowing.1 guy trimming behind me.we will be responsiable for picking up trash at that time also,1guy doing that.we will also be responsiable for any mulching that is needed and any plants that need to be here's my ouestions?how do i bid the mulching and the plants?the mowing and trash will be done by me and my do i write this up,and do i charge it by weeks
    from may till october (my mowing season,and do i ask for money
    up front or do monthly installments? any help would be greatly appreciated may be someone could send me a copy of a bidding proposal thank's big mike
  2. Runner

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    You want help?

    RUN! Run as fast as you can in the other direction!!! All I've heard is that these jobs aren't worth doing, and now that I know someone personally that has done one, I see exactly what he means! It was a beg for the money, litter pain in the rear. He didn't get but pennies of what it was worth. Try a search here, and I think you'll find some other testimony on this location. Sorry, I am not meaning to be negative, but be careful. There is alot of other good work out there to be had.
  3. Greenstar Services

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    Shopping centres are not fun but can be profitable .First figure out the cost of the regular maintenance,ie.lawn cutting,litter detail curbs swept,you get the picture. Then you set a seperate price for the extras,such as labor for spreading mulch, planting shrubs.Its a learning process. If you don't get the job keep your bid in your records for future reference. Good Luck
  4. Soupy

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    I agree with both reply's. Most are a pain, and I useally won't get them Because I refuse to get in a bidding war and undercut myself. But if you Bid it for what it's worth and get it. Then it becomes a profitable pain in the rear. figure what you would want to mulch it one time then double it and add it to your price. As for as the plants go. Well I just can't say without seeing for myself.

    just don't get your exspectations up, unless you got someone on the inside, which if you did then you would know what to bid.

    I had a friend in the business give up $100,000 dollar a year contract with a famous Taco resturant becasue he just got sick of hearing every year that you need to come down alittle to meet the low bid. But that was for 75 resturants and he just couldn't justify doing them anymore.

  5. f350

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    dont bother, in canton you cant compete with torre and most likely he'll get it. plus it's mid april and they alreay know who's doing it. they still take bids to make the exectutives happy. if your not familier with the bidding process save your sleep.
  6. big mike

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    thanks everyone for your advice,there are some big guns around here.well maybe i'll bid high and see what happens. have a great year and thanks again
    big mike:

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