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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by USAProLawnCare, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. USAProLawnCare

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    Alright guys/gals,

    It is my turn to ask for assistance. I am fairly new to the business, but got two opportunities to walk 2 apartment complexes today so I can submit a bid in the next couple of days. I need some help with bidding just for the maintenance aspect of it.. I have an idea but dont want to mess it up for myself. This is what I've got:

    1st one: Approx 18k sq. ft. of grass, broken up into about 5 smaller sections and 3 large sections, all needing to be edged.

    Also approx. 2000 ln. ft. worth of hedging needed.

    Most beds are natural (Im in the mountains) but some need mulch, which I can figure out myself.

    2nd one: only about 4500 sq ft of grass, no edging.

    About 500 ln. ft of hedging/bush trimming

    Lots of beds... thats my technical term, lots.. but they are also bare natural landscape that will need weeding sometimes.

    I know this may be a vague report, but if I can get an idea I'd appreciate it.

    ***KEEP THIS IN MIND*** --- I am a one man show with a walk behind, so the larger property will take a while in mowing.

    Thanks ahead of time!
  2. Mahoney3223

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    Figure out your costs. Not trying to be a jerk but everyone's are different. I can't give you an answer. Figure you costs!!!!
  3. USAProLawnCare

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    Honestly my costs are pretty small. I really can't have a super good idea because I haven't done enough big jobs to guess.. But really, what is there? Gas for the mower, trimmer, hedger.. Line for the trimmer, costs me $5 a yard to dump clippings at the dump... I'm thinking time.. About 25-30% of it is hilly so I will have to take the trimmer to some of that... I'm thinking 2.5-3hrs for mowing, maybe an hour or so for edging.. but its the hedging that gets me..
  4. USAProLawnCare

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    Ok, please be nice. Remember, I'm fairly new to the business... This is what I have figured:

    It will take me approx 5 hours to trim, edge, mow and blow, including all the common areas and the parking lot.

    I will do this 44 weeks out of the year (because of the slow down in winter). At $40/hr, I figured about 8800/yr for that.

    Then, I will probably only have to hedge/trim bushes tri-weekly... They are mostly Junipers and some other bushes that may grow a little more quickly, but this is an average. I figured about 6 hours to trim/hedge and clean up.. Multiply that by 17 (remember tri weekly) and I have 102 hours, at $40/hr, that is $4080/yr.

    Totaling to about $12880 a year, broken down evenly my bid is going to be approx $1073/mo.

    This figure is again for maintenance only.. mulch will be extra.

  5. USAProLawnCare

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    Come on I need some help please! I see a lot of guys posting overhead shots so I'll try that too... The broad yellow is just the property line. The skinny yellow is the perimeter of the area that needs mowing, and the blue lines and circles are approx the area of hedging. There is a little more here and there but I need a good idea..

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  6. RedSox4Life

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    Do you have insurance?
    Did you have to buy a truck, mower, trailer etc to be able to do the job?
    Do you have a phone that you were called on about the job?
    Do you wear ear plugs while at work? Safety glasses? Print up some company shirts?

    These are all costs.
  7. USAProLawnCare

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    K I get the point.. Thanks.
  8. Duekster

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    I am not a fan of Apartments to begin with. I would search them as best as I can to see who owns them and if they will pay.

    Then you can look at your cost.
  9. JDGlandscape

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    How did it end up turning out with this job? I feel the price you quoted may have been a little low compared to New England.
  10. USAProLawnCare

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    Yeah I quoted a little low on purpose... But no I never heard back from them...

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