Bidding Wars

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by USAProLawnCare, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Looks like something you could put a 2 man crew on and knock it out pretty easy. Depending on the size mowers you have, ie; production, the frequency you will visit this property throughout the year, and your actual overhead it seems like the price you posted along with the specs you gave for a mow, blow, and go service would be a bit high (everyones numbers are different). Something that you may want to consider with that many trees is the leaf clean up in the fall / winter, this could add significant cost to you.

    And I agree with Duekster, not all apartment owners are created equally some are horrible at paying on time if at all. Do your homework.
  2. Roger

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    The OP said he is a one-man show. How quickly another setup could do the job is irrelevant.

    Why is this a "bidding war?" A "war" requires two parties to be competing for the same item. I don't think another bidder was mentioned in the discussion. The question is only about what the OP should charge for doing the work, not how to beat another bidder for the work.
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    I titled it "bidding wars" just for fun... In reality, it is a bidding war, considering they already had a company maintaining the property; So I was trying to beat them.. I thought I had it in the bag, considering the couple of "larger" maintenance companies up here charge outrageous prices. One company in particular was charging 800/mo for a job that MIGHT take 1.5 hours a week..

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    Yea the title was pretty mis-leading
  5. Duekster

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    Is this $800 month job the same one you posted?

  6. USAProLawnCare

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    No no no of course not.. If it were, I wouldn't have bid 1k on it :)

    This "$800 a month" job was only about 800sq ft of grass, and natural beds with no mulch or anything... The worst part about it is the leaves from the trees, but they are only on the backside of the apartments, and the apartment manager just wants them blown into the woods behind... So I dont know how these guys get $800 a month, especially considering everytime I drive by, the grass is overgrown and not edged nicely or anything...
  7. Duekster

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    Maybe they have a profit share with the manager. :rolleyes:
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    A lot of "bigger" guys get jobs that pay that kind of money because they have the appearance and presence that can command that kind of money for a small job. You would be surprised at the companies that see the outfits who have spent a few thousand to trim out their trailers with advertising and such so they assume that they do the best work and are willing to pay for it.

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