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    I have a question for all of you experienced lawn gods.....when putting a bid in on a commercial property is there any major do's and dont's? A local company is accepting bids on the property in a couple days for next summer. This is a very big contract, and if won would make my next summer, lol. Would love some input on how the best way to go about putting together a winning bid. Thxs for your help, have learned alot about the bussiness just from reading your posts
  2. Cooper725

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    ugh no help.....Guess no one has experiance with bids lol.
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    The first thing is to make sure your bid is competitive. Some property owners automatically throw out the lowest bidder so stay somewhere in the middle. The next thing is to make sure you have a professional looking bid packet. Include things like your mission statement, testimonials, your insurance coverage and maybe even some certifications. When a possible client knows nothing about you or your business the quality of your bid packet says a lot about you.
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    Thxs for the info, mutch appreciated.
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    Great advice!

    Thanks for posting

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