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    I see many posts talking about bidding on sites/clients can anyone please explain to me what you mean by bidding ? Is it like all the companies attend a metting and bid for contracts like example...

    landscape contract for Wall-Mart starting bid $1000 ?

    I dont get it lol
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    More or less that is correct.

    There are two things: bidding work and pricing work.

    Bidding Work is where people submit prices with hopes of *getting the job*. Work that is put out to bid is awarded to the lowest price bidder.

    With pricing work, a contractor will price the proposed job to *DO THE JOB* not "to get the job". And they have ZERO intents of being the lowest price quote provider. Usually they are more concerned with fulfilling the client's needs and turning a profit.

    We do residential design and installation. We have no intent of being the lowest price. But sometimes we may have a prospective job where we have all the equipment required and have done the task numerously in the past and can complete it in less time and dont have any rental expenses. Where as the other contractors may have to rent a trencher, and their guys may not be well versed on handeling some of the recognized variables.
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    yea i thought it was. we do a lot of quoted/priced work for our clients. that clears that up then cheers :)

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