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  1. Charlie

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    I am intersted in expanding my commercial maintenance contracts. Any suggestions on how to get my foot in the door or find a contact at any of these properties? What do you guys do?<p>----------<br>Charlie<br>Turf Creations, Inc.
  2. Doug406

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    Go look up the managers and ask to place a grounds maintanance bid. It works.
  3. bob

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    If I see a new building being put up I'll ask right away about lawn care. The same with new developments, I'll contact the builder and find out who the officers are on the maintenance commity before the open areas are deeded over to the development. Bob
  4. Nilsson Associates

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    Charlie,<br>Use your Yellow Pages, look up categories like following, and call them, ask for manager, person in charge of grounds:<p>.. Motels, hotel<br>.. Fast food<br>.. Funeral homes<br>.. Real estate mgmt<br>.. Large truck refueling stops<br>.. Sit down restaurants<br>.. Park departments<br>.. Day care centers<br>.. Hospitals<br>.. Banks<br>.. Auto dealerships<br>.. Self storage yards<p>Just thumb through, for all the possible categories ... and don't forget about doing direct canvassing, drive around, walk in, ask for manager, do your &quot;thing&quot;.<p>Phil Nilsson

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