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  1. PtsLwnCr

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    I have what has always been a comfortable sized lawn service, now its time to expand. The problem is that I have mostly done residential work except for a couple big companies that came to me. I am wondering the best way to go door to door looking for work and businessess such as shopping malls.

    Thanks Pete
  2. kris

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    Send an intro letter, followed up by a phone call to all the property management companies. Also make "cold calls" in person to any other commercial property you are interested in. It's very hard to get right to the person in charge but try and get their card and give them a call after they have had a chance to view the info you left.
  3. Barry D

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    Great advise kris. Send those letters out to prospected customers. Start making phone calls to these companies as well. Often you will get the person called the "Gate Keeper". Her job is to take messages and get you off the phone. If this happens, just get the name of who is in charge of the landscape decisions. Then next time you call just ask for that person. Then you can try to set an appointment to discuss your company and how you can provide a quality service at a fare price.

    Don't get discouraged when you get rejected. This will happen alot. Keep trying and you will get better on setting appointments. It may take a few calls to set that first appointment, so keep trying. Prepare a short message that you will use while talking to these cpmpanies. After a few calls you will become better at talking.

    Good Luck.
  4. PtsLwnCr

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    Thanks for the advise, do you think it creates bad blood if I bid on something that someone had the previous year?
  5. MacLawnCo

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    I would stay away from LCO's props that may have something to offer you in return.;)
  6. Randy Scott

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    Who cares? If they are not an immediate friend that you have made over the years, then who cares. Pretty much every property that hires someone, has someone you're bidding against already. I made friends with two guys I would discuss things with if I think bidding would be a conflict, I said discuss. I'm not saying I won't bid it, but a discussion might be in hand to see what we are both thinking about the job. Maybe one of us really wouldn't take it, but the other may. Bottom line, I'm here to be in business and make money. I have enough friends.
  7. kris

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    My experience with dealing with property management companies is that most tender out every year. There can be some loyalty but not a lot. You will probably be bidding against a few other companies each time.
    If you get the work build a relationship with them if you can. It is not always easy. By building a good relationship I was able to hang on to a property the following year even though our price was much higher than low bidder.
    I would not worry about who you are bidding against.

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