bids are low in my area!


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Just started my business in Jackson, MI this year and I figure I'm going to shoot for about 30 - 35 bucks an hour for my prices, which I think is very reasonable. I've had 5 new clients sign up so far, but many of the people that I've went to see have told me that my prices are too high, and that some other company has already bid them some outrageously low price, so they do not sign with me. Do you guys think these people are are just trying to get me to lower my price? or is the average price in my area really about 20 bucks and hour, which is about what most of the prices people give me equal out to?


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Toledo Ohio
A problem i have been seeing around here in toledo not too far from jackson is companies with better epuipment get the job done faster therefore can bid a lower price, it sucks but theres so much grass out there to be cut. If they dont want to pay your price then fu*k em.


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My rates are 45.00 and hour and people agree with it here. Im in New Jersey.

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There will pretty much always be people out there under bidding you. Don't worry about them...charge what you need to charge to make money, and let them overwork themselves. There are enough people out there who value good work, and quality service that you should be OK. In my area there are tons of scrubs, but I stick to my price and my customers know that I will do what it takes to make them satisfied. Sure my prices may be higher, but my customers are always happy too.


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i work in toledo and have no problem yet i have had no one turn down my prices yet 35 a hour.


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when i make a bid,i dont give my hourly wage i just shoot the price of the lawn.if i told them $1.00 a minute rule they will pass out. so i just give total price with out the hourly wage.

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