bids are low in my area!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by new2thebiz, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. polaris

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    your in jackson not ann arbor, your lucky to get 20 a hr.
  2. boxoffire

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    Yeah I had a "senoir citizen" come over to me while I was doing her neighbors lawn today (cleanup of leaves and mowing), and asked if I'd give her a price to bag her lawn and dump clippings in their bins for pickup. So I walked over with her and took a look. Before I gave her a price she said her husband had a hernia and couldn't cut it for a few weeks and might want a couple more cuts. She also said she hired a landscape company to cut it last time just a couple days before and they cut it with a wide walk behind and finished in about 10 minutes and didn't bag for her. Finally she also said she was unhappy with it because they barely cut any grass off the top at all and it will need it again real soon. I told her why they did that (to be needed again real soon I would assume). So I looked at it (very small, maybe 7K sq. ft) and said I would cut it with my 21" bagger cause that's the only one I have with a bag on it for $40. She said "oh my" that's way too much. They only charged me $20 she said. I then re-emphasized what they did and how they didn't bag it for her like she wanted me to and that I don't drop the gate on my trailer for less than $35 so maybe I would do it for that. She was like, well we are senoir citizens and we can't afford that much. Yeah right, they were only living in an affluent neighborhood in a city known to be populated with many wealthy people. Don't hand me that crap. I know when I'm being tooled with.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd like to help out an older couple in need for a couple of cuts just as much as the next guy. But I've got to stick to my standards for income. Even if I get her lawn done in 30 minutes I'm still going to have an hour invested in it with travel time etc... Add gas on top of that and that's why I have to charge $35 minimum per yard. So I won't get any of those postage stamp lawns. My sister in laws mother has a guy do hers for $10--that's right $10. Her lawn is very small of course (less than 1000 sq. ft), but the guy has about 15 of those same size lawns all jammed together in this neighborhood. He can do all 15 in one morning easily and made minumum $150. Some he probably get $15 or $20 for, so probably more than $150 in a morning. That's the only way I could ever see cutting somebody's lawn for less than $35.
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    Boxoffire. Good for you.
    The way i see it. She has a choice you doing it the right way for $40.00 or call those people back for $20.00 and have them do it . What they did it and it doesn't show. Hay for $20.00 i will do it too with the blades not turning. Tell her kept looking.
  4. rickman

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    sounds like the area Im working...the houses are literally million dollar houses,and they do the same thing "gee thats pretty high!" "we cant really afford that much" Im thinking... crap! If I lived in houses like that Id want quality work done and have to pay for it! They want it dont exactly how they say...but want the half @sser's price. Exactly true...hard to explain to them people when they get something in their head they dont listen,I said the same thing "I do quality work at a reasonable price" if you want a "cheap" price then your getting a half @ss job.Its not that hard to figure out.But thats why they have what they have! Their CHEAP! penny pinchers! :p payup
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    i live in Toledo also. Its ridiculous how low these idiots bid on thing's i dont understand how they stay in business i herd from another guy in my area that the guy who cuts the woodville mall charges 150 dollars to cut it. it takes him 4 hours to cut. lets say he is paying his employees 10 dollars an hour you do the math its crazy!
  6. daveintoledo

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    saw them out there sat morning, while going to andersons.... 4 or 5 guys mowing......
  7. Toy2

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    One guy here will use your machine(homeowner) for $15.00???Hopefully he chops his fingers off and files against their homeowners policy???? :realmad:
  8. youngbuck

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    dave whats the name of ur business
  9. cashwillbefine

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    The economy in the toledo area was devistated when george w took office, as well as most of ohio. You had to know that the price war was coming soon. Check the want adds in your paper sometime and see how many $20.00 per hour jobs there are, now think how much you would have to charge to make this mowing lawns! It's easy to understand why this is happening, and to someone who was working for $10-$15 per hour that $20 per hour is looking pretty good.
  10. daveintoledo

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    dave's lawn care, (i know its very original....) i dont work in toledo, im out toward fremont...... but know one would know where that is, so i am just dave in toledo hahahahah

    i have some farm houses and mostly small intown lots....while i am part time this year i feel very fortunate to be averaging a dollar a minute on my lawns, 20.00 for small lawns, with thrimming and eging they take just under 20 minutes, the economy really was hit hard in this area, factorys moving out of country...

    i was buying oil there and such sat morning, guy had 4 or 5 guys mowing, and if it takes him 4 hours..... 120.00 isnt going very far...


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