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Aaron Marshall

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I am going to be delivering a bunch of bids tomorrow to different commercial places in my area, I have a couple questions...
1) When to start mowing ( mid wisconsin, i'm thinking about April 15).
2) Do you always mow once a week ( April 1 - November???) or do you start in the spring with every other week, and then as the grass starts to grow faster, mow once a week, and how do you charge them for this, do you make them pay a certain price over the month and go there whether it needs it or not, or just go when it needs it?
3) How do you bill them? by the month? or by the number of times you go there?
I've got my "per visit" prices on the bids, and I plan on having some of my bills due in the middle of the month and some at the end of the month.

Thanks a bunch!;)


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The spring time is when you will need to cut the most. Sometimes they will want you to skip a cut or two in mid summer.

In the past we have started off with 2 cuts in March and then every week in April. This year we are not starting until the first week of April, but I imagine that it will be every week from the get go. I am located in Illinois, so this will be different for you. But the concept should be the same. Maybe a skipped week at first, then every week until mid summer.

Just bill them each month for services completed. Next year when you get an idea of your cutting season, you can switch to a 12 month billing. you would then take X amount of cuts and divide by 12.

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