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bids in for next year?!


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birmingham AL
I know here in Alabama I am already started to call on businesses and getting my bid in now.. some say they are taking them now , others say they will be taking them first of the year.. just call the businesses you want and see if they are taking bids,,


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Northeast Ohio
I'm going to start calling people next week. Alot of times places that are taking bids for plowing and lawn care will take bids now.

I actually plan on goin to a couple of the industrial parks around here and just going from company to company putting bids in.


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I think its always better to get your foot in the door first! Then when all the other bids come in, hes going to compare them to yours, As long as you sell your service as quality, and price it decently, you should have a better shot. So the answer is yes, bid all you can early.
You can get commercial accounts any time of the year. It just depends on the type of account and the company. Remember that in some companies the person who awards the contract quits or gets fired. So the new guy might want to change maintenance companies too. I have received calls like that this month but I was not interested.