Bids run right over or take a couple of days

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by olderthandirt, Feb 4, 2004.

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    If i happen to be in the area when somoene calles me on my cell then i will stop by right away. The quickest i have gone to do an estimate is about 5 min after they called, because i was just about to drive by the location. If i am not in the area i try to get by there the next business day at their convenience. It gives the impression that you actually care about your customers.
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    First come first serve so they say...

    Usually your not the only one they have called. If your the first one there, an they like your price, or like you for that matter, you can just add em to the list.
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    The ones that really play hard to get are the damm dentists 3 months it takes me to get an appointment. I have no set rules on estimates I prefer not to do it same day and if I do agree to it ill give them an appointment like 8 pm so they cant confuse for one second how busy I am. I don’t play games with them though and even then I'm sometimes beat out of work to some one that will rush right over that minute.

    Its nearly spring though and despite working 55-65 hours a week in the field I will be expected to do 20-40 estimates a week in addision to that. So if its light out and I’m not doing something why not give it a shot after all I paid them to call me with my advertisement. I don’t care to throw my money away for nothing. So I view each call as my investment return.
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    If you have time and it's convenient, I would try to get out the next day. But to drop everything and rush over probably isn't a good idea.

    You will lose some customers because you can't give them a bid NOW, but those are usually the type you want to lose. I've found that people in a real rush are often just wanting it done that week for a party or something and aren't serious about wanting long term service or will continue to shop prices after you've bailed them out. It's not like this is ordering a pizza, so anyone who hasn't bothered to call for bids until the grass is 2 feet tall isn't the type person I want to deal with.

    So, get out in a reasonable amount of time, but don't delay on purpose just to look busy and in demand.
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    If I had the time and it was convient for me I would go right over. There are other ways after you are on site to explain that you are busy, they just happen to catch you at the right time etc...
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    A few years ago, I would try to go that day or the next.Now I can be more choosy of potential clients and make them flexible with my schedule.I can usually get a feel for what they are shopping for just by talking to them for four or five mins. on the phone.If they are interested in our services, they are willing to wait day or two to be fit in, sometimes up to a week.I will maintain contact during the time between via emails usually.Also, the time between gives the potential client more time to think about what they really want/need in the design which saves me some time on site playing guessing games.I usually set an appointment for an install request within 3 days of the call depending on our schedule, or as time allows.Even if you aren't busy and need the work, insert a pause somewhere between the call and the meeting.If you give the impression you can be there at the drop of a hat from the get -go, they will expect it to always be that way when they need something done.We had clients wait for installs for 3-4 months last year because of the wet weather and not one complaint.So , to end a long post, I think it comes down to the level of service you are reputed to offer in your area as to how long people will wait to get it.JMO..
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    Thanks everyone, got some really good opinions. Bobby I never thought of of it like you described sounds like a good idea. What I do and I even put it on my flers is estmates are given on weds evening and Sunday afternoon. I want to talk to someone not leave it in the door crap so if you can't make time for me I don't have time for you. I know I have lost jobs becuase I got beat to the bid but its seems to me that the ones that will wait 2-3 days know what they want and are willing to pay a little more becuase they have been burned a little in the past JMO

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    Just send Sonny Boy over to do the bid. That is if you think he can handle it. LOL.

    I handle mine just like Bobby does.
  9. OP

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    Yea thats what sonny does, I carried him long enough:D
    You got both your accounts doing them the same as bobby? LOL

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    another thing i did, i went 2 for 2 last year doing this: i gave a price, over the phone, without even looking. i know that's a big no no, but for these 2 properties, i happened to be very familiar with the nieghborhoods, and knew that all the lawns fell in the same price range. i used the old, "i'll tell you what, today is wednesday, we come to that area on thursdays, if you're ready for a cut, we can start tommorow, i'm familiar with the area, and i'm sure your lawn falls into our $30 range. " now, i also got smoked like that one time too. i did in fact know the size of the properties, what i didn't know, was that she had a fence, that needed to be wacked, both sides, around the total property. i told her $30. went, did it for $30, cried, then told her it would be $45 from now on. lost that one cus i "lied" according to her.

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