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    I am turning in a bid on a large business park. Just curious how you guys turn them in. Do you print them out on regular printing paper or do you buy the hard nice printing paper. Does it look better if you hand deliver them or mail them. Just some questions. Thanks for replying
  2. The Ripper

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    Use regular paper with a cover sheet of just your logo or company name. Then attach your quote, a list of references, and your insurance information. Put it all together in a folder three hole punch it all and turn it in (hand it over in person).
  3. Fantasy Lawns

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    Ya I'm with the nice folder on larger bids ... some nice photo samples of your work is good as well as the paper work mention .... I as include an "Intro" letter ... 1 page ... of all our services some of our history
  4. beck

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    I was told to just fax a bid in, earlier this year. I told them that I could not that I wanted to drop it off in person.

    The reason is because mine is in a coil binder. it has a clear front sheet and a black back cover and here are the contents:
    1) cover sheet with a photo of a job site company logo and contact info
    2) intro letter less than a page tells about company etc.
    3) the bid itself
    4) description of services
    5) reference list
    6) cert. of insurance.
    7) on the back cover is a business card and brochure

    After I gave it to the 1st person she liked it and called the 2nd person in charge in to have a meeting then all of us went and walked the property together they told me some of their future plans with the property-and I was able to save them some headaches by relocating a fence back away from the edge of the parking lot to allow for piles of snow- they said with that and the presentation they chose me on the spot even though I was more expensive.

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