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  1. Agape

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    Yeah, I'm a newbie.
    How many of you go to an estimate and give a quote right on the spot?
    Right now I take measurements and talk to the HO at the first meeting, and then provide a quote within a week.
    As I get more product/ pricing knowledge I can probably give an immediate bid on most stuff.

    Just wondering the "norm":waving:
  2. LTL

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    You may get other ideas here, but NEVER EVER give on the site quotes. This could really backfire on you. You need time to look over all the details of the project as to make sure you don't miss anything.
  3. xtreem3d

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    What he said.....i also let the customer know ahead of time that i will need to go back and figure the bid so they aren't disappointed.
  4. zedosix

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    On the spot quotes is ok if you have a tree to cut or a stump to pull out, but for a detailed hardscape job its not possible to be accurate "on the spot"
  5. Agape

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    Ok, thanks.
    That's what i figured but i wanted to make sure i wasn't missing something.
  6. DVS Hardscaper

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    Let's lose the term "bid". Auctions have "bids".

    And let's use the term "proposal"

    Or "quote"

  7. all ferris

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    I can usually get pretty close. I like to get a feel for people by giving them a ballpark number and see their reaction. If the ballpark number is in their price range I will do an exact quote and give it to them at a later date. I hate wasting my time doing a quote when the people can't afford it in the first place or don't want to spend that much. Some people have no clue how expensive a job can be or what actually goes into a hardscape project.

    Some people don't realize the expense of having all the right equipment to do a large hardscape. So they think the job shouldn't cost as much. It's nothing to have over $100,000 worth of equipment on a job site.
  8. SDLandscapes VT

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    $100,000 easily--I can almost get there will the fall clean-up setup for the maintenance division

    Most people just don't have a clue what good landscaping costs--I tell most that the biggest portion of my job is expectation management

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    I agree with DVS.
    You bid at an auction. We submit proposals.
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    $50,000 truck
    $7000for trailer
    $17000 two mowers
    $400 blower
    $650 two string trimmers.
    Cost of equip. Only.
    No labor, insurance, fuel, replacement cost, or any other misc. Costs!

    No mrs. Needlebaum,
    I cant mow your lawn for $15.00 dollars.
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