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    And you know this because.......
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    i think you are both correct but i did select: "create a new POST"

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    All ferris and agape,
    Your right. To answer the question i never will give a price on a project while initially viewing a job.
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    There is only few exception where I won't give an "estimate" on site I have prices for anything that I need in my ipad, I have excel worksheets that I can input the area for the project (retaining walls, patios, pool decks, etc.) answer few question and it would tell me all the amount of materials I need for such a project, including edge restrain, pool coping, geotxtile, etc. with labor for every task.
    Why I do it? It's my business and only me knows my capabilities and limitations I know if I leave not giving out my printed or emailed estimate once I get to my office procastination will impede me to provide it.
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    Hence - "topic creator"

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    As far as giving on the spot pricing, there is no one answer.

    XL spreadsheet or not, doesn't matter. With a laptop in your car or truck you can easily do a price in the driveway. That is for small simple jobs like a 17x24 patio. Scenarios like this is exactly why i have over 8 years of creating a super detailed job costing system.

    For jobs that involve engineering, planning, designing, etc - then naturally you can't price it on the fly.

    I think my comment here is the best comment yet. Welp,
    We're off to the track on this awesome beautiful day to try out our brand new 65!

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    I agree with DVS on this. Certainly for a simple little project you could price on the spot, but I never do. I will give them a ball park range since I know what our price per square foot on our most common pavers are, however; that price is never the same. When I bid pavers and landscaping, I never use unit numbers. Its always bid per job.

    Example, we did a 200SF walkway for a customer where everything could be accessed with our skid to bring materials etc. I was able to install that walkway for a hair under $15/SF with hollandstone. A week later I went and bid a patio extension using hollandstone where all the materials needed to be brought down by hand, no machine access what so ever. That one was closer to about $22/SF becasue of that. So certainly I will give a price range to a customer on the spot, generally its always about 1500-2000 higher and see how they react.

    And I think its probably easier to say having more like 150-200k on a hardscaping job in equipment

    Skid Steer-60k
    Dump Truck and Trailer to move equipment/material 75-100k

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