Bifen xts for green-bugs ???

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    I have a property infested with Green-Bugs ( type of aphid that attacks turf i believe) and am reading the label of Bifen XTS (bifenthrin a/i) I already have on hand. It's labeled to control billbugs for turf and aphids for ornamental. Am I wrong to assume that it will control Greenbugs as well? an insect that has qualities of both? They are very active and have drained about 2000 sf so far. Anyone ever use this product on this particular pest? other product recommendations? :confused: Thanks for any info.
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    Label Law favors the site over the target pest. Therefore it is legal to spray the Turf at the Label Rate for turf and control the Green Bugs. Yes Bifen XTS should control the Green Bugs with one application. I recommend 5 gallons per thousand of water as a carrier. But then that is my everyday rate of turf applications.

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