Bifen xts oil based

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  1. Ric

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    Oops typo I left out the point. 0.128 is .1% or 0.001 of a Gallon when mixed at LABEL RATE for shrubs.

    I am surprise no one caught my Typo.


    No way a .1% solution is going to act like a Horticulture oil.

  2. turfmd101

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    So show me Mr. educated up the ass, jackass.
    How you can sucessfuly apply 3oz to an Acer and get even molecule distribution worth a crap.
    What's your molecule count per sq ft? Any idea Mr. Smart pants.
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  3. Ric

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    Well since you don't want to believe a Label Written by Control Solutions the manufacture of Bifen XTS. BTW That label was approved by the EPA after reading multiply studies and reports of various required studies Etc. Why would any thing I say make a Differences?


  4. gregory

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    no ants in my yard now for going on 2years... been using ric's fire ant control method for a few yrs now and it has worked great for me..
  5. the_bug_guy

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    all righty now as a person that loves a lively conversation.
    Who the heck cares about molecule count per sq foot when you treat a 1000 sq feet ? As for me I could give a shitzu. What I want is ants dead. If 3 ozs to 45k sq foot ( give or a take a few if you want to be down to the molecue count) works. why worry. if thats the label rate thats the label rate. if your formula is different then you are off label and u need to turn yourself into the epa for violation of label requirements and give up your license.

    going back to the burn issue. if it has aheat restriction it will be on the label. easy to put on but really hard to get off. trying to second guess the epa and the $100 million dollars that went into the research is the wrong way to show you know your stuff mr lawn md or what ever it is. If you can come up with a molecule weight of the chemicals on the spray that you use u need to be working for the chemical companies and not trying to be a lawn ape
  6. WestGaPineStraw

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    molecule count

    The only thing I have learned is that you can spell....nice
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  7. Ric

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    I think it is more like spell Check considering all that high quality Lesco, TG/CL training turfmd101 has.

  8. ted putnam

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    All of the sod farms in our area are using a product called Onyx Pro. They are required by the state to use this for Fire Ant Control in their fields. It has a very high AI% of Bifen as well. I noticed it was not labeled for interior pest control but is for interiorscapes and residential turf.

    If it works, who cares what the mollekewel count is...right?:laugh:

    Actually, most of us "lawn apes" try to use the KISS principle(or is it principal) whenever possible.
  9. Ric

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    Bifen XTS is the Generic of Onyx Pro. In fact Control Solution's products are mostly all Generic formulations of Off Patent Products.

    Of Course Why the State of Ark requires a product with molecule distribution worth a crap is be on me.

  10. ted putnam

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    Ric, I have used more insecticide this year than I have in the last 10 combined so I'm not real up on my insecticides. We've had more lawn pests due to increased stress on everything brought on by the extreme drought this year. I do know that the Bifen has worked for most things and is economical. The Onyx Pro can be purchased here for $111.00/quart but I have not purchased it even though the low use rates would make mixing a breeze. I believe that is comparable to the price someone posted for the Bifen XTS earlier in this thread.

    I personally have been using a product called Menace-7.9% Bifenthrin. I get it for $44/gal and applied at proper rates, I've smoked everything from Army Worms to Fire Ants this year. It works and its cheap. What else could you ask for other than ...the molecule count.

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