Bifen xts oil based

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    I assume you guys are spraying at a 5+ gallon per 1000 volume to get good coverage? I do not have the ability to apply that rate and have been doing mound treatments with acephate or advion. Thinking of looking at top choice or quali pros fripinal.

    I know bifen is cheap and if I could sell 3-4 apps during fire ant season(April-October). A skid would pay for itself in no time.
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    Menace-7.9% Bifenthrin is the Generic of TALSTAR.

    Given the Label Rates of 0.5 oz of Talstar/Menace, you can get just under 6 acres 5.8 from a Gallon of $ 44 a gallon or $ 7.31 cost per acre. Bifen XTS cost me $ 25 a Quart and at High Rate will do 5 acres @ $ 5.00 an acre cost. At Low Rate Bifen XTS will cover 10 acres @ $ 2.50 cost. It is not the Price of the Jug, It is the Price Per Application that matters.

    Remember I taught Material Calculation and the Cost factor was just as, if not more important as applying the proper Rates. In fact as a one man band I even calculate my total cost per job. My straight Insecticide Jobs and Inside Pest Control Chemical cost are lower than my Gasoline to get to the Job.


    I will either call you or send you an E mail about extremely cost effective Fire Baits. BTW I think I told you I order a Bee Smoker today Thanks to your Recommendation. I want to try what you taught me.

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    My mistake Ric. I could have sworn I saw that someone had posted $100/qt on the Bifen XTS. $25/qt is a damn good price. Remember, I'm a businessman as well. Sometimes I am limited by what is available in my area as far as suppliers/supplies. I can promise you I have been making a killing on upsell insecticide apps on lawns. I have been charging regular app price and that averages $200-$225/acre. $7.31/acre material cost means payup
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    You're telling me??


    BTW the Reese Receiver on the front is for a Special Bait Spreader. I also have a Fertilize spreader that fits the Reese receiver on both this and My Ric-A-Green.

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    Nice picture ric.... I usually takes pictures by the water of bikini's or fish
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    Bikini's cost money Ric's Ride makes Money. That one job where the picture was taken, Paid for Ric's Ride in less than a year. BTW I can kill an acre of Fire Ants in less than 5 minutes. No way anyone with out this type of equipment can touch my prices or quality or work.

    Hope you recognize the 150 Gallon Tank, you gave it to me. This is a work in Progress. While it cost close to 25K in 1992. I got it free and well worn out. I had to rebuild it from the ground up. Just one Hydralic Brake Cylinder from Toro was $ 325.00. We stripped it to the Frame and build it back.


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