bifenthrin application question (talstar)

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by adam75, Apr 13, 2005.

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    I'm very new to this but I heard bifenthrin was tyhe way to go with sunny florida chinch bugs. Can anyone advise the application setting for a scotts speedygreen 3000. Much appreciated and be safe. Adam
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    Ask Ric on this. He knows Florida and their problems and can tell you the best way to control it. He might not like your application device, but maybe there is a better option!
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    I am not sure you under stand Florida law. In order to apply any pesticide on a lawn other than the house you live in, you must have an L & O pesticide license. These are not easy to get. It took me a college degree in Horticulture and working under another's license to Qualify for the hardest test in the nation.

    But given you are new I will assume you are a home owner. Liquid application of Talstar is much better for Chinch bugs because of there life cycle which I am not going into here. However in cases of light infestation granules can offer some control and Prevention. Granules are better for Ants but once again that is life cycles that I am not going to cover here. I guess I will just have to finish that book I keep promising myself to write.

    Now should you buy a bag of Talstar granules the spreader setting are listed on the bag for scotts and other type spreaders. Be sure to read the label on the bag. Talstar is relatively safe for mammals(Human and dogs etc) but it will kill fish and birds. Do not apply Talstar near water of where drainage may reach water.

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