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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by sparcolawn, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. sparcolawn

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    this past summer i started taking care of a prep school in my town and since i didnt have any type of contract of anything i just charged hourly for everything.. which was quite profitable for me but now for next year i need to give them a price for the entire season... the following is what i need to price them on... any help on how to price would be great, i have a good idea but i'd really like some input.. thanks...keep in mind... biiiiig campus/area

    spring clean up (2 full weeks)
    mulch (100+ yards)
    mowing,string trimming,blowing (1 day, 12 hours)
    trimming all shrubs (50-55 hours worth)
    fall clean up (3 full weeks)
  2. yankeeyardworks

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    heres a little advice...first really crunch your time and materials as much as possible... there seems to be a lot of work there..i dont know how many workers you have??? did you add time in for edging and weeding befor you mulch?this is how i would do it figure it.. figure out your total time then multiply that by your hrly rate.... then your materialsadd and theres your total..rememberyou know what you need to make... dont bid it so low that vyouwont make any money...remember there gonna proably put this out to bid so youll be bidding against big companies who will proably do evrything in half the time..good luck
  3. nocutting

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    Hello, clean-up? what equipment was used?, did you dump on or off site?....have a helper?....personally I'd separate the mulch from the yrly contract...wkly main- again what equipment was used?.......trimmings- is this just new growth under 6 inches? 2-3 times per season?.....the more info given, the better responces you'll many ac's is the campus?:waving:
  4. maui8

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    for your weeks, is that 12 hrs a day for 7 days a week?

    or 8 hrs a day for 5 days a week?


    and for your mowing, is that 12 hrs for 1 day, 2 times a month for 9 months?

    or 12 hrs for 1 day, every 2 weeks for 9 months?

  5. daveintoledo

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    if your as old as your profile said, and been doing this so long, shouldnt you already know this stuff??? just an observation......
  6. bkdlawnCo

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    what i would do is if you kept your bills you should add up how much you charged them for the whole year(hourly) and then see if you think thats fair and if thats how much money you want to make...if not add a little to your pleased but staying within the competition and fair amount...just my $.02
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    WOW, thats seems to be a ton of work, good luck with it!!!
  8. zim bob the landscaper

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    i agree with u mike that is a s*** load of work and alot of mulch
  9. iluvscag

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    Would you stop trying to be a suck-up. I see you in every thread " good luck, good job, good lookin" and also ypur tryin to get creditabiltiy with your posts.:rolleyes:
  10. lawnman_scott

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    Why not just multiply the number of hours you worked last year by what you charged per hour and total it?

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