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I work for Lowes in Pennsylvania. I have to say that if you aren't finding quality products, some manager if failing! I know ours are first quality, or like someone else mentioned nearly free. I took this job because of dealing with them. I also like that I do not have to guarantee the plant personally! Try and return a plant to lowes, they don't care if you killed it and brought it back, and you just get money back on a store card to buy whatever you want.

If you guys aren't buying huge quantities, give it a shot. Try speaking with the specialist and dept manager out there, ours are great people with a lot of knowledge.


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Some 10 years or so ago I worked in L&G @ Lowe's. They have an extensive training program for their L&G workers to certify them in the care of the trees, plants, & foliage at the store. They buy their stuff from reputable growers...I know because I helped unload the trucks. They can't make the 1 year plant guarantee work if they buy crap. These stores have tens of thousands of dollars in plant inventory at any given time. I presume Home Depot and other box stores have similar programs.

BTW...Wad'ya think "quality growers" pay their workers? Do they provide health insurance and benefits? ESOP plans? The last CEO of Lowes to retire (Bob Tillman) started out as a stocker in the Goldsboro, N.C. store.
Yes but the service at a GOOD nursery is far better.

My suggestion is build a strong relationship with a certain grower or supplier then seek better pricing. I know I get a fair price at my nursery but I know im not getting the price of a large outfit here with 10 crews buying 2-3 mil in stock a year.

The real benifit for me is... Help is right there as soon as I pull in. I can call ahead and know what I need will be ready and in good condition. He is honest and will tell me if something is a bit small or sparse looking but he will also get me stuff in a few days too if its not right or I need something he doesnt have.

Now onto the so called wholesale pricing. I have seen 1 gal plants stuffed in 3 galon pots. No way would I pay the 3gal price for it. Now if his plants at 15 are really much nicer maybe you need to step back and look. That being said I dont pay 15 for my 3 gallon staples. Only for things like Encores and other higher end plants.

I am in a similar battle right now over pinestraw.

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