Big box stores cheaper than wholesale

Discussion in 'Nurseries and Growers' started by jd75760, Feb 8, 2009.

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    I work for Lowes in Pennsylvania. I have to say that if you aren't finding quality products, some manager if failing! I know ours are first quality, or like someone else mentioned nearly free. I took this job because of dealing with them. I also like that I do not have to guarantee the plant personally! Try and return a plant to lowes, they don't care if you killed it and brought it back, and you just get money back on a store card to buy whatever you want.

    If you guys aren't buying huge quantities, give it a shot. Try speaking with the specialist and dept manager out there, ours are great people with a lot of knowledge.
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    Yes but the service at a GOOD nursery is far better.

    My suggestion is build a strong relationship with a certain grower or supplier then seek better pricing. I know I get a fair price at my nursery but I know im not getting the price of a large outfit here with 10 crews buying 2-3 mil in stock a year.

    The real benifit for me is... Help is right there as soon as I pull in. I can call ahead and know what I need will be ready and in good condition. He is honest and will tell me if something is a bit small or sparse looking but he will also get me stuff in a few days too if its not right or I need something he doesnt have.

    Now onto the so called wholesale pricing. I have seen 1 gal plants stuffed in 3 galon pots. No way would I pay the 3gal price for it. Now if his plants at 15 are really much nicer maybe you need to step back and look. That being said I dont pay 15 for my 3 gallon staples. Only for things like Encores and other higher end plants.

    I am in a similar battle right now over pinestraw.

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