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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Accent01, Jul 20, 2010.

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    Okay lady calls me up and says she about a dozen red tip phentitias that need to be removed due to a easement issue with the city. I say okay how big and all that good stuff. There about 20 ft tall. I go out there take a look and there is 9 of them right by the new road there buliding plus sidewalk. There actually 18 ft tall and very wide. Tell her i can do it for $250 all together( cut down, and haul off). She calls the next day and say's her husband would like the roots taken care of also. I tell her okay but the price will go up told with me doing a stump grinder it would go up to $450. And if did it by hand and dug the roots up then it would be $500 plus to fill in the holes with dirt. No call back yet on that she was all for $250 raise it up a little nothing. So is that to much or to little for that job? I am I wayt to high on the price should i come down?:usflag:
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    I guess you're not using any materials or anything, but it still seems a bit low. I'd have charged a little less than double what you told her, but maybe I'd be too high.
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    easily $800 - $1000.
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    Heck somebody yesterday wanted to charge $500 for removing a branch that would take about a half hour at best.
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    A bit to low, that sounds like 2 trailer loads of brush on a 16 foot trailer, and I would charge $100 per load to haul off. Then I would charge $600 for the cutting and loading. Last thing I would sub out the stumps for around $200 and then up charge that $100. If done this way you should profit $850 after cost and before any help. I'm not sure if this helps or not, some customers would think that this is way over priced, but I wouldn't work for them. I also wouldn't even mention digging anything up with a shovel they may want to take you up on it.
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    HOLY MOLY guy...........

  7. QualityLawnCare4u

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    That price is very low even for my area. I subbed out a fallen pine tree last friday, not a huge tree, no hauling off and he charged 200 bucks. no stump grinding either. Same guy sawed up one fallen pecan limb on top of my house (it was a large limb but not that large) and charged me 100 bucks. The job you are looking at will go for 800-1000 easy here.
  8. mbrew

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    I don't know how you're getting rid of stuff out there, but the dump hits me for $53.00 a load here in Ft. Worth. I have a couple of places I can take stuff to be ground into mulch, but they charge, $5.00 a CY. It's is a little cheaper usually, but not much. I haven't seen the bushes, but it sounds like an easy two loads. For haul offs I get a minimum $175.00 a load and I think I'm working cheap, but some people still don't want to pay it. I wish I could get what greenstarlawns is talking about. For me that would have been a minimum $350.00 to cut down and haul off, and probably another 250-300 for the stump grinding. No way would I dig it by hand.
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    A guy cut my customers tree down (12 inch diameter) $100. Just cut it and let it fall into the woods. Did not pick up or cut up . I told my customer he was crazy to pay that. It took 2 min to knock tree down
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    There are a lot of things I could say but I'll keep it short:

    You gave them a nice price and it still wasn't good enough, you did the right thing.

    And your price with the grinding still wasn't high.

    Took two hours and another $100 to cut up a similar 40-foot long trunk about a foot in diameter and move it deeper into the woods.
    Did exactly what I said I would do in another thread, cut it into as few pieces as possible (5 cuts actually),
    wrapped chain around the resulting logs, hooked that to the back of the Z and drove into the woods until it was deep.

    Because lets just say sometimes it's just what the customer wants.
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