Big bushes to remove!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Accent01, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Accent01

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    Okay thanks guys so i bid it to low. I guess i need to learn after this to charge a little more next time. learn from mistakes huh. But for hual off i can just take it to my house and burn it, i live out in the sticks a little so i can burn trash pretty easy. thanks
  2. georgiagrass

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    You didn't post a picture, so I don't know if these are too big, but did you consider yanking these out with a truck or a bobcat?
  3. knox gsl

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    If you haul it off and burn it that's cool as long as it is legal, but you should still charge for it. It doesn't just magically disapear into thin air when it leaves their house. If you incure a $30 dump fee for it it comes out of you profit as well as you gas to get it there and you paid for your truck and trailer that is needed. Another point to make is if you burn it that will not cost you money but now your committed to watching a fire for a few hours and the liability of it charge to dump always. Bottom line it doesn't matter what happens when it leaves they need to pay.
  4. Accent01

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    that is very true thanks for the info. But she still has yet to say yes for me to do it or i'm going with someone else. I do think she is looking around and trying to see if she can get some yahoo off of CL to do it for her, for next to nothing.
  5. shooterm

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    I cleared a steep hillside early spring for my nextdoor neighbor for $120 bucks. I mention how I was clearly doing this for a favor and he mentioned dump prices. I ended up doing it faster then orginally thought, four hours(I had cabin fever and was kinda restless). He gave me a tip/dump fee of $60 for how well it looked. Five hours of labor,hand tools I had, hauling half mile for $180 turn out to be a actual decent job. What a red tip phentitias? It sounds like a Thailand adventure.
  6. Accent01

    Accent01 LawnSite Member
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    That's exactlly what they are a Thailand adventure. But lady has not yet called me back. Oh well she will end up getting a cheap guy and he will end up doing a hack job, then she will call me to come fix it for her. hahahaha:drinkup:
  7. roberthathaway7

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    Call around and check the market price for these things. One thing is for sure, you never want to start too low because the cheaper you start out, the harder it is to get to the right price if you have to correct. Even in future jobs with the customer. Also- some people may turn you down for certain jobs like lawn maintenance because you are too cheap, with the assumption that low prices mean low end service. Meet your market.

    Also- with hauling, I used to haul things to my own burn pile for cheap but then realized that for one thing, I should always assume it's a down AND back trip, not just driving home because I can't plan it out to "take it with me on my way home." So in other words I have driving time, fuel, unloading time, driving time and fuel back, liability of crap falling off the trailer, the trouble of burning later and having to guard the fire. All of this adds up. Besides, just about any company would charge to haul it to a dump so I can follow the market and charge maybe a lesser but decent penny too. It's still work with overhead.
  8. lawnlandscape

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    If you can dig them out by hand, why wouldn't you just truck and chain them out?
  9. ajslands

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    I guess my prices are high, I would have done it for 150-200$ per tree! And probably would use my truck to pull them out.
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