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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jacob land and, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. jacob land and

    jacob land and LawnSite Member
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    i got a phone call today from a lady who is in charge of 5 buildings in ohio area, she wants a spring clean up for all 5 buildings. the buildings dont have much grass, all she wants done are the beds weeded and cleaned up, tree/bushes/shrubs pruned, every where sidewalk meets grass needs to be edged, stuff like that. around here i am charging $35.00 an hour and no one has had a problem with that price, she told me she was willing to $8.50 an hour and i have to drive almost 1 1/2 hours to get there. there is at best guess 7-8 hours total for all 5 buildings. is it worth it?
  2. JCee

    JCee LawnSite Member
    from NY
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    No way!!!!!!!
  3. Blade-o-grass

    Blade-o-grass LawnSite Member
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    No siree...35/hr is a good price to meeee.
  4. toac

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    you can get a job at mcdonalds making fries for 8.50/hour

    2.50/gallon for gas....8.50 an hour to break your back weeding, cleaning, edging and pruning....i don't think so
  5. Jpocket

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    ypu need to be in around $600 for 7-8 hours including drive time.
  6. jacob land and

    jacob land and LawnSite Member
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    thanks guys
  7. lpwhandyman

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    $ 8/hr x 12 hr day = less then $ 100.00 I would have told her right over the phone to try and hire a kid down the block. And she better start looking for ones around 7 years old who think that is still a lot of money. :hammerhead:
  8. BMFD92

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    35/ hour for cleanups? Geez I get $75 / hour. Maybe it's just my location. Anyway I wouldn't touch it. your gas cost just to get their and back won't justify it for that type of work.

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