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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassRoots Grounds, Jan 2, 2004.

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    I need to give a HUGE apartment complex a proposal. The turf is actually to big to try to measure and it would be very difficult to try to figure how much mulch is needed in the beds. Does anyone have any idea on how to bid it without losing your a$$ on it?? Is there a certain $ per hour per man that most people use. Crew leader get more than labor's??? How Much??? Anything would be apprecitated !!!!!!!!!
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    No mattter how big the property is you need to figure out how many acres you are mowing, period. If not you will probably overbid or underbid, get the job and lose your shirt. Buy a rolatape, this will help immensely. You also will need to figure how long it will take to mow per acre depending on trimming, obstacles, slopes ect.. Experience helps in this area. Find out the going rates in your area.
    As far as mulch beds the same applies, If you apply a 1 inch layer, you will cover 324 sq' per cubic yard. In average conditions my guys can spread about 4 yards per hr. each. This number will increase in huge beds and decrease when doing small tree rings many feet apart.
    It is critical to accurately figure the amount of hours it will take to do each task. Then you can figure the rest, labor costs, supplies, your profit ect.... I always take the extra time to walk properties before I commit to any pricing, especially large ones. Viewing the property from your truck will not cut the mustard!! A little extra time spent now will greatly decrease unpleasant surprises later.
    Good Luck!!!!
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    I agree 100% with PLI1. You have to measure. The mulch beds are probably the same at each building, measure one and apply same to the rest of the buildings. Same with shrub trimming, edging etc...
    Get a measuring wheel at Home Depot and go at it.
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    Ask to see what the property paid last season. then sell your self why your much higher priced. if you don't have the equipment to do this property, try to get atleast three year agreement.
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    Dont have to comment PLI1 ALREADY SAID IT LIKE IT IS
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    You can got the county courthouse and look at the property maps and those will tell you how big a property is ! This is handy to have then you can just deduct the bed areas, parking areas and building areas from that and get your lawn area. This works for real large properties, it takes a little time but it is better than being off a few acres if you are talking about huge properties. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot on a contract that is big.
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    You may want to consider breaking the complex down into smaller units. Then try to figure out what it would take to do one building or unit and go from there. This approach makes even the HUGE complex seem easier to bid.
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