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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by longislandlawn, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. longislandlawn

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    How can I compete with the bigger companies in my area, since I am small. There are 3 of them in my area, they seem to get all of the jobs, without even advertising. They seem to be taking over all the business, leaving the little guy with fewer jobs. How can I compete with them and get more jobs in my area?
  2. newguy123

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    Compete on customer service and communication.
  3. mclawns365

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    I have the same problem in my area. A few big guys who hire cheap help and sweep the commercial market. Ive been getting work the old fashioned way. I go into every business I can and ask. Often enough, the business isnt happy with the bigger companies work anyways and may want a change, they just havent had any offers. I offer to do the work for the same price starting off (usually less than I would normally charge) and if they like my work and want to keep the quality up theyll renegotiate later. The hardest part is walking in and asking people. Youll get alot of no's but the yes' make it worth the effort.
  4. 205mx

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    If you can't beat them, join them
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  5. CLS_Birmingham

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    The question is, what can you offer a client that the larger companies can't??? Were able to win many jobs over larger companies because we don't just sell a service, we sell ourselves.
  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    Im a big company not often I loose a bid Im looking at what I gross per month vs per week
    To run with me you need big mowers and work day light to dark 6-7 days a week
    I sell my service a full service and My name is on the line.
    I don't advertising I been doing this since 1981 in my town so I am well known.
  7. 205mx

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    This is the second time youve asked this. Something you could do- contact people when they move to the area.
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  8. JB1

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    Who do you know.
  9. Jaybrown

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    If you do better work and are cheaper they should stay with you. How personable are you. I get customers because they see that I'm honest and I am in a good mood and positive.
  10. Smallaxe

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    Sometimes people believe that: "You Get What You Pay For"...

    I would charge more per App and do "Fewer Apps"... Cool season turf does BETTER on FEWER apps...

    Convince your perspective clients that they are getting ripped off,,, becuz they are... and if you COPY the big boys,,, you're no better...

    Once you understand that CONCEPT and keep it in the CONTEXT of, 'Proper Cultural Practices',,, then you've got KNOWLEDGE to impart to your perspective clients... Prove that you are a Superior Professional compared to the "One Size Fits All" generic companies...

    Their lawns are always SUB-PAR so tell them what you'll do to set the NEW satndard of who The Jones' really are... :)

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