Big Competition in FL

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by freshprince94, Jul 11, 2008.

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    they do a couple of the communities around here. the places I see them work is nowhere near as nice and upscale as the website makes them out to be...

    there is another company around here that is topnotch for doing hoa's , i see them in far more communites than nanaks. maybe its because nanaks is actually out of orlando and they are just stretched kind of thin all the way over here in tampa...

    on the employment page for nanaks they forgot the picture of the 300 illegal mexicans:laugh::laugh::laugh:
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    They are tuff to compete against. One reason is that they are registered as a non-profit company affiliated with a religious organization and don't pay any sales tax, so there costs are 7% less up front. They have been around a long time in addition to being a BIG company. I got one job bidding against them because my crew spoke only English and the condo association had a hard time communicating with there foreman.:usflag:
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    Lol but true, that explains why my neighborhood isn't on the site...They cut nice but edge wierd and always leave clumps over the nice cut. Plus, they don't weedeat every time. They use JD and Stihl. I just saw them yesterday, the Z-Trak the guy was on had a broken right caster wheel.

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