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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CNYScapes, Sep 14, 2003.

  1. CNYScapes

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    I have read on here several times about not putting all your eggs in one basket / or having one customer be more than 20% of your workload. I have a large customer with several commercial properties. Each year I pick up a couple more of them, he is now about 30% of my maintenance business not counting all the tree, and brick work I do for him. Are you guys suggesting I turn down more work from him? I dont have any problem handling the work.:dizzy:
  2. Highpoint

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    Absolutely NOT. Just don't operated your finances as if you will always have that client. Sooner or later, that client will move on and you will be screwed if not careful. Good Luck.

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    yeah save some money for a rainy day it may come when u least expect it i have a few accounts that generate a large portion of my income and i am always mindful that i can get the boot at any time
  4. promower

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    I would deffinately keep doing all his work. Like said before dont budget your finances around him. Ex) I wouldnt take out a loan for equipment or whatever unless I knew I could still pay the bills if I lost this customer.
  5. fblandscape

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    I would say to do whatever you think is right. Analyse what kind of client this is, your relationship with them, etc. I had heard of a company around here which had their only 2 crews sitting at 1 place for at least a year. For that client they bought chippers, big excavators, dozers, triaxles, etc. When they left that place they took all the machinery with them.
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    Provided you have a couple seasons behind you with them and your relationship is good, then you shouldn't worry. Be extra carefull when increasing rates, make the extra effort when you need to.

    If they are giving you more work, don't let the residentials go to accomodate, increase both ends when you can.
  7. CNYScapes

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    Thanks for the info. I havent turned down any work yet from him, and if I ever lost him I guess I could lay off 1 emloyee if things got that slow. For now it seems like the calls for landscape work havent slowed down at all since spring. Ive got 2 paver jobs lined up right now after i get done with the one im currently on.

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