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Big day for me Today


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Hello everyone.

as a few of you know I have been getting contracts left and right and where I live we mow acres... " my bigest one is like 4 to 5 ... most people around here have at least 1...

SO today is the day I go buy an eXmark... I'm looking at the 52" with the 28 hp engine... I really cant go much larger because my trailer is only 5' wide..

will Post pics tonight

thanks everyone for all the Great advice

Tom c.

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north jersey
Way to go dude have a great season. I was told I was locked for a contract and went out and bought my first new Hustler Z and now Im gotting jerked around on the contract. Just when everything seems like everything is going great WHAM!I aint guittin yet though! Well like I said have a good season!!!!!:clapping:

Jake's Lawn Service

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Good luck with the exmark, you will be happy with it!


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Ahhhhhhh, the smell of new equipment. Can't beat it.

I am so so so so glad I listened to the folks on this forum and went bigger. I was originally going to buy a 48" but was convinced to go 52". I'm glad I did.


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Howdy boys ........

I got it..... first thing I had to do was go cut some grass But when I got home I washed it and got all ready to take pics and the batterys in my camera are dead......

on charge right now...

I got last years model it had 4 hrs on it... "or it does now" but my dealer gave me a good price 7,000.00 it's the 52; with the 23 hp Koler

I'll post pics tonight

thanks everyone