Big deal about zoysia?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dkeisala, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. dkeisala

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    I can't read enough in the trades and journals about how great zoysia grass is. The stuff won't grow here in the NW (mostly fescue, perrenial rye and bluegrass) so don't have any experience with it. I've read some negative things about it in these posts so what is the deal? Great grass or not?
  2. Evan528

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    seems to be great grass in the south. In the north is not very desirable because of its long dormancy period. In PA is only green for about 3 months out of the entire year and the rest of the time its the color of wheat.
  3. workaholic

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    Zoysia grass is a warm season grass which means it grows well in hot humid areas like the south east ,west. I do mow one yard here in p.a that is zoysia and it is very course and tuff to mow but looks great under high maintenance practices, proper watering, fertilize apps.mowing height...
  4. MR. Nomo

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    What is the proper height for it?
    I have a friend that is willing to give am a yard that is zoysia. He said he just cant get it to look good.
    He uses a Honda 21" mower.
    All I have is a 21" TORO. (Bought at home depot- it sucks)
    So I dont think I can make it look any better?

    What's your thoughts
  5. workaholic

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    The proper height would be 1" to 2". It really doesnt matter what type of mower you use. What matters is, 1. make sure your blade is sharp & balanced not let the front of your mower noise dive (you will create scalp marks when you let this happen) always keep the mower in a level position when cutting and keep in motion ,also say your mowing along and bagging and its time to empty the bag and your in the middle of the yard, I will always lift the front wheels off the ground slightly and idle down mower to shut off and repeat when starting so you avoid scalping the lawn. zoysia is very easy to scalp and looks like hell. Hope this helps you.....
  6. packerbacker

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    I have a couple zoysia yards i do, it doesnt grow that fast which is nice but i have to bag it every other time because of the high amount of thatch
  7. workaholic

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    Im not saying that your lawn dosent have thatch, but zoysia grass grows and spreads on the surface of the soil and looks like thatch, it roots and spreads creating a thick like carpet and it does look like thatch but im willing to bet its not....
  8. Turfdude

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    Technically speaking, its a weed that originated in Africa.
    Pros: usually very dense, requires lesser fertilizer than blues, ryes & fescues, chokes out many weeds naturally and is very drought tolerant.
    Cons: can choke itself out (so should be dethatched regularly), in Northern climates, its dormant for long periods of time (usually 6 months), should be mowed at 1"-2" (we all mow around 3"), it is very dusty when you mow it, if you have to push a mower through it, its a lot of work, if its side discharged, it always is noticeable a few days later so it almost always has to be bagged, it dulls blades rapidly.

    IMHO, it is the most undesirable grass type I have to deal with, and I usually do not bid zoysia lawns. BTW, if your client's neighbor has it, in a matter of time your client will to.

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