Big Demand for Used Equipment

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Oct 6, 2009.

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    DVS your a pretty smart guy. You should know that if their was any demand at all for used equipment (which there is not) PRICES WOULD NOT BE SO FREAKING LOW RIGHT NOW.
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    mrusk - this may sound silly, but it may be a good idea for one to actually read the links in their entirety prior to commenting. And if you're not sure what it says, I'm sure a 7th grader would be delighted to explain it to you.

    Keep in mind - there is no recession in most other countries. The demand for used equipment is stronger than it's ever been.

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    I don't have an issue buying a good piece of used equipment but I would also make sure and have its own little nest egg of money set aside. You can pick up a T250/300 for say $16k with 1200hrs on it. The engine has a LONG way to go but things such as idler wheels (bearings) go out, drive motors........those the two biggest things. Idler wheel is $400+ and drive motors are about $2k each. Assuming the tracks are good, the machine in the short term may end up costing you $20k.

    I've got an idler wheel going on my T190 tomorrow..........$447 shipped. The Bobcat brand part ONLY, no labor, is $ there's another tip, skip dealers.

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