Big Dog Mowers - anyone on LS bought one yet.

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by twcw5804, Aug 8, 2010.

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    I've done searches on here I can't find anyone that has bought one yet and posted feed back on it yet. On Southern Indiana Equip website they say the 60'' is their best seller but can't seem to find out much. I know they are built like a Hustler, and sure look like one too. For $7k a mower that looks like a Hustler Super Z seems like a great deal.

    My other question would be all the dealers within 50miles of me all are weird names. They either deal in farm equipment or some weird name like Go Karts Unlimited.

    I'm just seeing warranty work being kind of a pain.

    But if anyone has bought one of these please post what you think about it and some pics please. Especially if you got the X series.
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    I have looked at them and the 60'' looks alot like the hustler Z not the super Z IMO. I did notice the deck is different from the XR7 deck on hustler. The top of the deck is only 10ga and has small 7ga reinforsement area welded around the the blade spindles. The mower sits well and is comfortable and the rest of the components seem to be the same as the hustler z such as the hydros controls etc. I have not tested one but overall i do like them. just not sure about the deck. I am looking to buy ZTR for next year and trying to stay in the $7K range. but its hard to decide on which would be the best for that amount of money. Seems alot of them are entry level comercial. I also looking at the Exmark ASX, Hustler Super duty, Snapper pro 150 or 200. I do like the Bad Boy pup but closest dealer is 50 miles away.

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