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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Traumaslave, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Trolling around here for a minute now and only have seen old posts for Big Dog. Is anybody running them? I am in the market for a 60" zero turn and am looking hard at these. Coming off of a Gravely Promaster 60" with a Kaw FD590 that is old. So old that it is a tank drive between my legs instead of the swing arms of todays modern machines. Just trying to justify the $1400 difference between the x1060 and the x1060 Diablo. Body is the same. Better seat and 2" bigger tires are neither here nor there. Kaw Fx860 vs Fx1000, Ok more horses. I'm particularly looking at the wheel pumps and motors. 16cc vs 21cc pumps. Is this really going to make that big a difference? Longevity? Not worried about increased speed cause you can only cut so fast.

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    Bigger tires is a big plus, less scalping, smoother cut and handles better... Faster speed is also a plus... These newer mowers will cut at high speeds... Your use to your old mower it's gonna be a night and day difference on cutting speeds..
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