Big EFI Kohlers Ready

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. puppypaws

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    I posted a while back that efi's are coming to all mowers shortly because of new requirements by the government for less emmissions and a 22% increase in fuel economy.

    I talked with Kohler today and was told they had a 40 hp efi already going into production and were working there way down the line putting efi technology into all their engines.

    Hustler, are you looking at this, put me a 40 hp efi on a Super Z and I will be your first Guinea pig.
  2. 4.3mudder

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    I sure hope they get all those kinks work out of the fuel injection systems. It took car companies years, wonder how long for the small engine industry.
  3. MOW ED

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    OK I get the emission thing and I own 2 26hp Kohler EFI's. They are excellent engines and I would not change a thing. Even with the big Toro Z and a 62 inch deck spinning 3 blades I have never been short of power with a 26. My question is this, how big is too big with the gassers? Why would anyone really need 40 hp? Is it more efficient, cooler, lighter? I have to say that it will use more fuel by design so what is the gain? You can't mow at 25 mph and I am sure we don't have to go 25mph to move from a to b.

    I am all for cleaning the air but I can't see how bigger engines can do that even if they are EFI's. I guess in thiking about it if they use big EFI gassers in place of diesels for WAM's there probably will be emission issues that will be resolved but that is about the only positive I can see. I still am pretty sure a diesel can out torque a gasser at lower hps and r's. I need data.

    OK so how big is too big? A 40 is also going to weigh more and probably be physically bigger than the 26's. Are we going to be sinking onto lawns or breaking springs on the trailer?

    I think big horsepower is great if you are racing. I think they should perfect what we have instead of making them bigger. It might be me but I don't think that high HP is an answer.

    Fire away.
  4. kaferhaus

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    Man I couldn't agree more with that. But the bottom line is that it's too expensive to put FI on the smaller engines... the FI system would cost more than the engine itself.

    We use the smallest engines that will operate the machine at it's capacity. I don't need a ZTR that will cut 12" green grass. these machines are too heavy already I rather see them spend R&D money on making them lighter and designing better tires that still give decent grip without tear outs.
  5. Richard Martin

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    It shouldn't really be the same issue for small engines. Kohler's current EFI offering already works pretty well provided it's installed correctly. Bosch made the first and second generation Kohler EFI and they've pretty much worked the kinks out through the Kohler engines and decades of work with the automotice industry.

    The biggest problem Kohler had with it's first and second generation EFI was an unwillingness of consumer acceptance and an inability of mechanics to want to learn how the system works. Mechanics bad mouthing a system that they couldn't or wouldn't understand had a lot to do with the public perception that there were big problems with the Kohler EFI (that didn't exist).
  6. 4.3mudder

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    I guess if peeople are used to how an engine runs on certain thing they want to to stay that way. Easier I guess so the mechanics won't have to learn more about the new products.
  7. kaferhaus

    kaferhaus LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You're right, but it's silly. EFI is actually very simple to diagnose and repair. Many small equipment mechanics don't know how to use a volt/ohm meter...
  8. Mickhippy

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    I think 40hp is a little excessive, maybe around the 35hp would/should be acceptable.
    I believe Hustler would have to upgrade pulleys, belts etc to run higher HP engines unfortunately. Thats what I was told anyway.

    Sounding promising though!
  9. jtkplc

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    I saw an ad on the back of this month's Lawn and Landscape that Flex-Fuel EFI Kohlers were ready.
  10. topsites

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    Yup, there goes the cost, these won't be no $700, probably not even $3000.
    Won't be long before a lawn mower engine costs as much, or more than a car engine.
    But wait, that won't work, so they'll figure out some way to drive up the automotive engine's price.

    Now, ladies and gentlemen, don't make me find it.
    But what did I say...
    The cost of an automobile is going to double in the next 10-15-20 years, and the process started yesterday.

    Man, I've been saying this *%&^ since they started dropping 18 horses on puny 48" Wb's... :p
    Wasn't even that long ago, I seen as much nonsense in it...
    But nobody listened then, if anything they all acted like they do now: More, MORE, MORE!!!

    So I have to guess you and I, we're in some kind of a minority, which is to say I agree.
    How a 40hp efi is going to pollute less than a 26hp normal aspiration, I'll leave that line to the CEO's to feed out.
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