Big Ford recall: For us Ford guys.

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by HenryB, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. HenryB

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    Ford recalls 15,000 trucks and crossovers -
    What is wrong with Ford and so many USA made vehicles. Yes this affects my Fords. So many problems. Why don't my Isuzus and Toyotas have these problems? What really pisses me off is that I really believe the US can do a lot better. So why are we still making garbage? I'm venting I know Japanese cars have recalls too. But honestly maintaing my american (and one Volkswagon)made cars is a full time job. The Japanese cars in my life I don't even think about them.
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    I here ya. Had the ford thing, did the ford thing and gone with the fords! I know guys with toyota's and honda's - they get oil, tires, fluid changed that is it. I have one guy that works for me, bought a new toyota pickup (don't know name) it is about 11 yrs old but he has 243,000 miles on it. His power steering just went out, replaced a battery, new exhaust. Not bad for the miles.

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    you think 15,000 is a big recall? Didn't you just see the massive recall with Toyota Prius?

    So what is the "big" recall on Fords for?
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  5. WorldsStrongestLandscaper

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    I think it might be the windstar van. The back axel snaps when spinning outa control,causing it to flip over killing all the people inside! If u put 7 of your family+friends in a stupid van(any make) you are playing with fire. Save your $ stop having kids and buy a huge Flex or Hybrid Tank SUV! Protect your investments. Is this the recall??? BIG STEVE B CT STRENGTH WSL
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    Did you miss the whole Toyota recall that happened recently? Millions of Toyota units were affected, which makes 15,000 look like nothing. You probably missed every report that says the domestic automakers are quickly catching and in some cases passing the foreign automakers in quality too.
  7. JB1

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    if the recallwas all trucks, that would be about a week and a half of productions if they are superduty's.
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    I hope your right and we start making the best products on the planet. But right now my Ford trucks are driving me nuts.I've owned Ford Taurus, Focus, Explorers Fairmonts and many trucks.They are like a bad girlfriend that keeps abusing me and I keep taking them back for that one more chance:laugh::laugh:
  9. johnnybravo8802

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    Yea, but the fact remains that the only topic on this website seems to be the problems with the Ford trucks......for the last 4+ yrs!!!!! I'd really like to have a 450/550 but not with what I'm hearing. On top of that, the "old" proven Chevy/GMC just walked all over the new Ford with it's new engine in a shootout(Walked all over it)-That isn't saying much for Ford.
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    When they are working they are great. But they spend way to much time in the shop.The 450-550 v10 trucks are fine,except or AC went up and it has been back to the shop 4 times for that, and the drive shaft came from the factory out of balance, causing two trips to the dealership and now the rear end is making noise. Its an 08 with 19 k on it it.

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