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Big goofy problem check it out


LawnSite Senior Member
just got a 92 silverodo ex cab full size with ez dumper 2500 series with a 350 motor.

when you are driving unloaded it runs great, however when you go up steep hills it lacks power and it will kind of knock BUT not a rod knock! valves tapping or oil pump going bad? oil level is good, all fluids are good. when taking it to the mechanic shop, of course it never makes the noise?!!! it does it until u stop going up a hill, and then when you stop the truck, put it in park then start it up within 15 min, noise is gone?

ok tell me what it is lol


LawnSite Fanatic
Beyond checking that all maintenance is up to date, and maybe use double platinum plugs, 8mm Taylor wires, a high performance cap and rotor, and perhaps run synthetic oil and premium unleaded...

I suspect your trucks GVW might have something to do with it...
My standard D-2500 with the 360magnum engine weighs 4,500 pounds empty, and even with all high performance parts and stuff, sure it lacks power and acts stupid going up a steep hill, perhaps the dump is even heavier.

And if I step on it, mine starts to diesel also, that's normal.
I've learned to predict hills from far away and build up speed gradually before I get to it and kind of hope I don't run out of speed before I top the crest, but much beyond that all it does is suck fuel and act stupid.

That's most likely what it is, probably, idk...


LawnSite Senior Member
see i think that might be catalic converter to, went on a 5 hour drive and it started doing it coming up a hill......
sorry cant tyoe to good holding a 7 week old lol


LawnSite Member
New Orleans
Is it a harsh knock? Can you feel it as well as hear it? If so, could be a bad ignition coil. I had symptoms just like I described that came during hard acceleration. The computer registered a code for a bad O2. Obviously that was an old, unrelated problem. Changed the IGN coil and all is good again.