Big, Huge Clean up!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by kemmer, Mar 30, 2005.

  1. 2200.00 for the initial cleanup, 160.00 plus or minus for weekly mow edge and blow. Add mulch, annuals and bush trimming to round it up to around 3,000.00
    That is my best GUESS, with the info you provided
  2. kemmer

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    Ya i was thinking $160 to cut, but im thinking $740 for the clean up.
  3. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    Call another LCO and go by his price. :p
    Then use it as a learning experience.

    How many cleanups have you done in your career? Looks like lots of bushes and trees to work around on the cleanup. Are you going to do the hedge trimming too?
  4. rclay11541

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    IF i was you i would use this equation:

    Part 1:
    Your hrs * x$ per hour = A
    Employee hrs X combined hrly wage = B
    Material Costs = C
    A+B+C add sales taxes to that and youve got your price.

    May i make a suggestion to on this clean up?

    1 Do any pruning

    2 Blow out all the leaves and crap onto the lawn and then use a mower to bag it.

    3 Dethach the lawn and use the mower to bag that

    4 Use a bed edger (rent one if you have to) on all the beds, have employees picking up the edgings.

    just tryin to help speed of completion is important in my equation.
  5. ed2hess

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    Don"t labor over this very long, I NEVER got a job from a church bid. Once they know what your estimate is they will find someone in the church to do the work, at a lower price. But maybe you got the inside track?
  6. crawdad

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    So, is it a ballpark, or a church? People ask me for a ballpark figure, I say, show me the ballpark, and i'll give you a price.

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