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Big job completed


LawnSite Bronze Member
Finished our largest job yet yesterday.Customer had a drainage problem.Everytime it rained,the water from his house gutters collected in his lawn next to his driveway.I recommended a catch basin next to the drive,run 70ft of corrugated drainage tile,and dump it into septic basin(large plastic can with one inch holes drilled every 6 inches).
Everything started out great.Drainage gravel delivered on time,about 15 minutes after we arrived.Got the sod cut out with an 18" Bluebird.(I really like that Bluebird).Removed sod and set it aside.Started digging with the backhoe.After 10 feet,we hit the sprinkler system.(Homeowner had no idea where the heads or pipes were,so we took a gamble and lost.)We continued digging while the homeowner,gracious as he is, gathered pipe and couplers for the repairs.(PVC thank goodness).One guy hand dug near the underground propane tank to find the copper line.He removed soil 2 feet in front and 2 feet beyone the pipe.After about 15 feet we hit hard clay.Slowed things down a bit,but we kept going without hitting any more lines.
Got the hole dug for the septic basin and it was time to start laying gravel in the bottom.We then put the sock on the pipe,to keep the soil from entering the holes in the bottom of the pipe.We repaired the irrigiation line with a new T fitting and new section of pipe.We then layed the pipe in the ditch,with the holes up and tested for drainage.Success!!We were going downhill!
Next we flipped the pipe so the holes were on the bottom and re-installed the pipe and connected to the catch basin and septic basin.(Use duct tape over the catch basin grate to prevent any debris from entering the basin)
Now it was time to fill over the pipe with more drainage gravel.After finishing
that we put down a soil barrier to prevent the soil from clogging the french drain gravel.Then we backfilled with soil and replaced the sod.
I was pretty proud.It's hard to tell we were even there,much less dug a 15" trench and a 5 foot hole at the bottom of the trench.Homeowner loved it and really appreciated the time we took to cleanup and liked the fact we put down tarps on his drive where we dumped the gravel.Took us a total of 8 hours from start to finish.
Now for the kicker.It rained last night,so I went over to make sure the drain was working.The homeowner saw my lights as I pulled up and came outside.I gave him my raincoat and we both went and checked the drain.Water was flowing into the pipe and down to the septic basin.He was tickled pink.No more soggy soil.He told me he appreciated me coming back to check things out.I jokingly told him,"That's service after sale.You don't get that with every business."He agreed.
Glad everything worked out as it did.We had alot of luck on our side as things could have gone much worse.Breaking one pipe was an easy fix.


LawnSite Senior Member
Alway's fun when digging is involved w/backhoe you never know what you find down under but it sounds great you did everything the way you should good job to you keep it up!