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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by magicmike, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. magicmike

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    The turf area is about 6000 sq ft as you can see the weeds are high.

    I never priced a job this big, and never did a job this big alone. I am wondering what you would recommend, they would like two proposals one for hand weeding, and one for spraying.

    Hand Weeding:
    How long would a job like this take for one person working?
    Would you recommend I buy any equipment to make the job easier?
    What would you charge?
    Would you require a deposit?

    What product would you use, and how long before seed can be planted if I used that product?
    How much would you charge to apply it?

    Thanks in advance for any replies. Also this is my first season in business so I need the price to be very competitive, a lot of landscapers way underbid me I need to lower my prices. Im thinking this job might take about 10 hours for me, but once again I am unsure this is my biggest job so far solo so please talk sense into me if I need it.

    They also would like it leveled in the near future and seeded (which is more work for me hopefully) so im thinking hand pulling would be best and level and seed in early fall so the grass will have 2 growing seasons before summer stress. But spraying would delay seeding so I think im gonna push hand weeding.

    The first picture of the back is the right side of the backyard the second is where I was standing and the third is the left side. I tried to link them together the best I could.:usflag::weightlifter:







  2. GVL LLC

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    I would use a trimmer to knock down all the high weeds to make sure there arent any objects that you cant see. Then i would mow it to make it look neater. For the garden beds id either just hand weed or buy a mini tiller.

    Im not gonna put a price on it but you could probably finish the weeding and knocking down the high weeds/grass in one day.
  3. magicmike

    magicmike LawnSite Senior Member
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    Hey thanks for the reply they want the weeds removed they plan on seeding soon
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  4. LawnSite Senior Member
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    Run, run far far away.
  5. knox gsl

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    We would be done by lunch, 2 trimmers cutting everything to the ground, round up everything, rake and mulch the beds. I would collect up front.
  6. Cody S

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    I agree
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  7. GVL LLC

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    in that case, id trim all the weeds down then round up and then come back a couple days later and till the whole area up and rake out debris. This job is going to cost some money for the home owner since its so neglected..
  8. ponyboy

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    Charge by the hour to do the job
    I guess you are not licsened to spray so don't
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