big job...kinda overwelmed w makin a bid

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    from my measurements i am going to 1.need to clean 3689 sq ft of beds, remove the old mulch and install new mulch (probably about 30 yards) about 511 ft of new edge 3. Trim about 15 or so bushes 4. Transplant a small (6ft) bush...The mulch should cost me about 745 and the edge machine another 50...just dont know how to put a number together thats not gonna make the customers head explode....thanks for help!
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    Don't worry about the clients head exploding just worry about covering your costs and making a few bucks for yourself. It costs what it costs, numbers don't lie. Besides if they have that much bedding area they are used to big numbers you are the one that is uncomfortable with them. You better get used to them if you are going to play with the big boys.
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    Do it section by section and if the final total number is too high, the owners will prioritize the jobs and maybe do it piecemeal. Once they see all the seperate prices, if they want to go with the whole thing at once but are still a bit scared, tell them deduct 10% from the total. That usually changes their mind. If you have to go back time and time again, it will cost you time and time is money. If you are there to do the whole thing all at once, you save so they should too.

    Good luck :drinkup:
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    if you don't make money at it, don't do it. but i agree with splitting it up into sections and then having the whole price ready too.
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    first of all we charge $56/yd. of bark applied so you can start with a number around there and say 250 for all the edging and see where you are.

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