Big Lawn care show coming feb 12th for pa folks

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by bigw, Jan 24, 2008.

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    Big LCAP"LAWN CARE ASSOCIATION OF PENNSYLVANIA" coming to allentown on feb 12,trade show,food etc... and if you stay all day you can get up to 11 certifacation credits,3 core,2 catergory 6 {tree} and 7 credits towards catergory 7 { Lawn and turf}. The show will consist of continental breakfast,and the following topics... PEST ON KEY LANDSCAPE PLANTS / law and order pda / trade show / turf disease update / insects in turf grass / New turf grass herbisides and how to handle a pesticide spill,actual simulation. I know i am new to all of this but i will be their for sure.For one its credits towards my core,07 and 06 test and not to mention all that i may possibly learn and maybe even get to network alittle with other pa LCO'S. Am i crazy for wanting to go to this?Well i just sent in my money so i am going,registration is over feb 4th if anyone else wants to go. Their is guest speaker from phillies groundskeeper and lunch also.It is at the holiday inn in allentown pa about 25 mins from me! Any one else like to go with me?Or meet up their?
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    I know I'm very late with this but is this an annual thing? I see from your website you are located in Telford. Our shop is a few minutes north in the Quakertown area. Matt
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    Is their a website for this event?

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