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  1. Mr.GreenJeans89

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    Need some ideas on how to handle big acre + lawns for spraying weeds without walking them.Ive seen the rider spreaders with these little tanks on them and just cant see how they can be that useful without constantly refilling
  2. Blink74

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    Believe it or not those small tanks can do about 50k before a refill.
  3. Shades of Green LService

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    coverage: 50,000 ft2 @ 30 oz. / 1,000 ft2 From the Permagreen magnum w/ a 12 gallon tank. This is done by Low Volume spraying.
  4. rcreech

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    Ride on units are one of the most effecient ways to spray larger lawns. As stated it is a very low volume application, which is what keeps you from having to fill up all the time.

    With using these broadleaf products, remember that more water (volume) isn't necessarily better. As long as you get a couple concentrated drops on a is gone.
  5. Greg Amann

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    When you get enough accounts to justify it, one of these makes life much easier. We run fertilizer, insecticide and herbicide out at 2 gallons per 1,000.
    The 65 gallon tank covers 32,000 sq.ft..


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    Also if youre' not ready to spend the money on a rider, there are other walking options to attach to your spreader for 300-400 dollars which will usually do about 15,000m2 per tank, this may help also. the only problem is your'e still walking, unless you attach an electric unit to a z-turn.
  7. rcreech

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    I have never seen this piece of equipent before. Sure it is nice, but if one has the money I would recommend purchasing a ride on unit! I guess it depends on your application. This unit looks like it would work best on wide open spaces.

    I noticed the boom is VERY LOW to the ground which is great from a drift standpoint, but how do you get a good pattern? Are you using flat fan or flood tips? Can you adjust the boom? If not, it looks like it could drag on uneven ground.

    How does it do on slopes? Looks like it would be VERY top heavy.

    Also, the higher gallons isn't a good thing. I would back that way down if it was me!

    If you spray 10 acres/day with a PG it takes 120 gallons total.
    If you spray 10 acres/day with your unit it takes 860 gallons total.

    You will not only have to carry a lot more water....but you will also spend a lot more time filling!

    These both cost big $$$$$$$.
  8. Chilehead

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    If you have a limited budget, you may want to check out the Spreader Mate by Gregson Clark. It is a drop-in tank for your spreader that is considerably larger than Permagreen's Synergy system.
  9. Greg Amann

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    It has anti drift flood tips on retractable booms. It has 3 sections to the boom. Each section sprays 4 feet wide and has its own on/off valve. The center stays put, the left and right can be pulled up to go through a 48 inch gate.

    Two gallons per 1,000 is a minimum for what we need to control chinch bugs.
    Steep slopes are done with a JD9 that sits in a holster on the control panel to the right side of the applicator.

    We do properties anywhere from 4,000 sq. ft. to several acres.

    Here is the truck we use to supply water and fertilizer. It can carry 600 gallons of water and 200 gallons of liquid fertilizer.

    This truck just replaced one we wore out after 9 years.
  10. Landrus2

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    Walker has a tank mount:drinkup:

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