big lco'Swhat do you have invested in equipment???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SfTD_service_CENTER, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. SfTD_service_CENTER

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    just wondered
  2. MileHigh

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    I don't think ValleyCrest, Trugreen, or Brickman are on this forum :confused:
  3. kaferhaus

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    On revenue producing equipment approx $275K If you include "shop" equipment like welders, blade sharpeners, grinders, fuel pumps, air compressors, cutting torches, lathe, tools etc then add about 20K

    And the building that it all fits in.... add a whole bunch.
  4. tjlco

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    More than any of our customers would ever know....
  5. LawnSite Fanatic
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    Amen to that.
  6. bohiaa

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    more than employees will ever know.

    I have one guy, "who this is his last week" he just wont stop bitching, I'm only making this, it's not fair. ya ya ya ya ya.......
  7. hitechlm

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    Im not a big company, but my setup is similar. My pics are some where on this board.
    If you get a new f450 crew cab with a steak body, 24' enclosed trailer, trimmers, blowers, edgers, 2 wb's, and 2ztr's like i have it will cost around 80,000 to put that rig on the road. And thats everything new and with a little bit of a discount.
  8. lawnjocky

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    I make a point of letting the guys know. Especially the repair costs!!
  9. SfTD_service_CENTER

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    you guys got some good answers keep it comming!

    i think alot of the guys who will and or do work for us need to see these answers to get a better perspective about how much money it takes to run a bussiness!. its alot easier to collect a paycheck at the end of a week and go home than to worry bout everything possible that you onw including the taxes and the irs!
  10. delphied

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    I know what you are saying but lets be honest. People in this country are in poverty when working full time for 8 or 10 an hour. We are turning into a third world nation.

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