Big Local website optimizing company a rip-off?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by mjslawn, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Does anyone else use a search engine optimizing company called Big Local to get their website on the top? My DIY website wasn't showing up anywhere close the top, in the first few pages of results on a google search for Mj's Lawn Service, in State College PA.
    This company contacted me and convinced me to sign up. Now that the $50/month introductory charge expired and went up to $100 /month I'm starting to wonder if its worth it. My rankings did go way up, I'm usually on the first page, sometimes just third listing down. Considering the amount of LCO's in my area I don't think thats too bad.
    But $100/month seems a little steep just for the optimizing. Well they do include a free website, which they kinda did for is cheap. That one is I want to make new contacts with my website, thats why i wanted to rank high. If it was just a for-more-info type of thing for established contacts i would be ok the way it was.
    So, I now have two websites I'm messing around with. The original, ( hosted by Verizon for $9.99/month, basic template I can customize a bit, or write my own HTML, of which I barely have the basics. This is the site they convinced me to let them optimize, promising me the top spot in the rankings. And the other website, I have to go with either one or the other, it'd be confusing for a customer. So should I go with Big Local, paying $100.00 to show up on top with a google maps result (which is pointless because I don't have a retail location anyway) or just go with $10.00/month and try to optimize my site myself? feel free to critique the websites, I know all kinds of stuff could be better, its just what i can do with photoshop and the host's DIY online program. I would appreciate any input! thanx
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    It's a rip-off as is Google's "local Search" which "kind of" works but they make out like it always does.
    I didn't read the link but simple "local" optimizing isn't that hard. The kind of thing that should cost $50-$100 one-time to have done professionally.

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