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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Brickman, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Brickman

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    Randy I just put 1400 miles on a Dodge hauling cars. 01 3500 with the HO Cummins and the 6 spd. I HATE THE SEAT. My butt still hurts. And the stearing is HORRIBLE, the truck was all over the road. :dizzy:
    The power is pretty good below 40 mph. After that I will gladly take my PS. I told the guy that owns it he needs to get it turned up to about 350 HP. Then I am sure it would be a bad towing machine. :)

    As for displacement there is no point in argueing about a .10 L difference between the two is there? :D

    Wait until the baby PS comes out for the Expedition and F 150s. 4.2L V 6. That will be interesting to see what happens to the market.
  2. Randy J

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    The cloth seats haven't seemed that comfortable to me either. I have leather in my truck, and I find it extemely comfortable. As for the steering, that's a common complaint on Dodges. Some seem to have it worse than others. Mine is pretty tight.
    It'd be easy to get it to 350 hp, and you're right, that's where it should be.
    DC is getting ready to start selling the Jeep Liberty with a baby diesel here in the states. They've been producing it since the start of the Liberty, and shipping it overseas.

  3. Brickman

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    After a few miles in my FORD my butt got to feeling fine again. :D :D

    I told the guys that own the Dodge if I drive for them much I will either need a Ford truck or Ford seats in the Dodge I drive.

    As of the first of the year I merged with another car hauling company and will be driving their trucks. All my good dealers that I hauled for will go with me. The ones that are :( will have to find some body new.
  4. Swampbeast

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    Brickman, hope the new job works out for ya!
    My Dads Hemi Dodge pickup (the one he got rid of) had uncomfortable seats to. It was a fast truck though!
    Baby diesels in the Jeep Liberty huh? That ought to be interesting. Should make it an awesome offroader, lottsa low end torque. Good for rock crawling.
    If the Expeditions came with a diesel I would buy one. Jack it up some, get a 4X4, it would be nice!
    I really wish the F-150s would get a diesel, could you imagine? A FX4 series F-150 with a diesel engine, the offroading would be a blast in that thing! A very light truck, with lotsa torque. Sounds good to me!
    Leave it to Ford to come up with something so genius!

    Bye yall!

  5. ksss

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    mdb, if you like I can settle your beef with brickman. I live in eastern Idaho I'll met him Casper or Cody wherever. I've got an 01 K3500 D/A, Banks, Juice box. I fear no Powerstroke new or old. I also wonder about the durability of the variable vane turbo. Navistar has been running them for sometime in their medium duty trucks and apparently they work. It sometimes seems that when they make the jump from commercial duty anything to the general public there are problems. Gm is also going to the variable vane turbo in 04. It seems to be the new thing I guess. I disagree with Gravel Rat. With the increase in power they have increased the GCVW. My pickup is licensed to 40K the most I've crossed the scales at is 32,060. I was underweight on all axles on a 24K gooseneck trailer. For me my Dmax is like a lowboy tractor, I can can haul several machines at once and do it legally. Whether you drive Ford, Dodge or GM it doesn't really matter, its great to be able to tow trailers that only 10 years ago would require a medium duty tractor. The problem I see is the cost of that capability.
  6. Swampbeast

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    I too have wondered about the variable vane turbo prop. It seems to me that it would take far less time to fall apart. Anybody got any articles or anything on those new props? Like reliability that kind of stuff?

  7. Brickman

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    KSSS if you have a standard trans then I am ready. If you have a juicer then it wouldn't be a fair deal. I would lose too much time in shifting.

    As for hauling 40K lbs, I hauled cars for a while with a pickup and then switched to a semi tractor. There is no comparison at all, the power is better with the semi, the brakes are as different as night and day. You just feel safer with the semi knowing that when you stepped on the brakes things would slow down. I have been heavy enough at times with cars that the brakes seemed slightly ineffective in a P/U. After doing both no more P/U car hauling for me.

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