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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cypresslawncare, Nov 9, 2004.

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    I went to look at 36" mowers today and they just look too big to save me any time. I'm mowing small, cookie cutter, flat lawns with sidewalks, driveways, landscaping, etc. I don't really know what size they are, maybe on average about 50' by 100', with a $250,000 house taking up about 30 % of it. Wouldn't a bigger mower just be a pain in the arse? Also, I see big companies using big mowers and they do a really crappy job, not near as pretty of a cut as my 21" mowers. Some even leave tire ruts. When all of you are saying that a 36+ inch wb is the only way to go, are ya'll mowing the same kind of yard as me?
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    You should do what you think is best for you. Plain and simple. But...

    I have a 9,300 sq ft corner lot with the usual stuff like driveway, shed, sidewalks and 1400 sq ft house. My neighbor and best friend lives on the other side of the street on the other corner lot. His lot is 9,000 with the same general stuff. I have a Exmark 36" Metro. He has a Honda self-propelled 21". I cut in 3rd gear (of 5) and he cuts in top gear (whatever that may be). We are constantly trying to out-do one another.

    I can cut my lawn in less than half the time it takes him to cut his. We're not talking about trimming, blowing etc. We're just talking about the cut. Now which would you choose? Here's a pic of my lawn after cutting it with my Exmark Metro just so you don't think that "big" mowers do a crappy job.

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    Edit, it won't let me attach the additional pics I wanted to.
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    Ive used 36-52 walk behinds and a zeroturn They all leave a great cut if you dont haul butt and try to fly through. Ive only noticed rutts from the zeroturn and alot of customers here dislike them.

    Have you tried a walk behind? It looks like alot more machine than it is, and they are very easy handling (and easy to manuever) with 10 minutes of practice.
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    I'll second what Richard said about the reduced time. Also remember that the blade tip speed the commmercial walk-behinds provide is greater than is typically available in a 21" mower. All else being equal, higher blade tip speed = a cleaner cut = happier customers.
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    You sound like you might like our Quick 36 mower.

    Part of what makes us unique is our compact size. Our machine is 19-20" shorter (front to rear) than a typical 36" walk-behind. It's also about 150 pounds lighter. Both of these add up to a machine that's easier to operate, especially in tight areas. Hydrostatic drive also gives you complete control over ground speed along with an instant (real) reverse. $1995, delivered.

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    thanks for the replies ya'll. Richard, your yard looks great, but the yards down here are st.augustine, much smaller, and have a lot of landscaping. I live in a "yuppie" part of town where most people have a ridiculous amount of stuff going on in their yards. When I get my digital camera working again I'll post some pics. One of you asked if I had I haven't, maybe that's the problem. I'm gonna demo one today, hopefully that will make my decision for me! You guys are awesome thanks for the info!
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    Since you are in Advance and I am right here in Greensboro, if I decide to buy a Better36 can I come and "kick the tires" and if I like it take it with me?
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    This is why I luv my Walkers .... not the fastest .... I have Lazers for that .... but adjust deck height easy, can weave thru an obstacle coarse n can get thru most small gates that only a 36” can

    In the photo is an example of the small yards .... we do every house in this .... so it's like one big obstacle coarse .... just to get a time frame I can mow 65 of em in 4-5 hours n that is June time

    The $$ cost is a set back …. But a good used unit should be had at $3500 or so

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