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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by mattlmow, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. mattlmow

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    i am 13, mow my neighbor's lawn, and plan to expand. My questions(1 of many more to come): Do i need a "big" mower, like a Scag, to look professional? Should i stay with just my 21" Honda, a Toro trimmer, and a blower?
  2. lsu03

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    they all do the same job, as long as you use them right....
  3. capnsac

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    this is a joke right? i'm waiting for the punchline though, or did i miss it??

    Sorry for being a smartass, so let me try and put it in your perspective. When I was young I too had high hopes of having a great big successful lawn care company, although I never had the resources to start my own company. Which was a blessing in disguise. I now know it wasn't feasible to goto school (which is a must at your age) and be successful at anything else. Live the wonderful and glorious years as a teenager, then worry about all that grown-up garbage later. Life is a lot like a marathon, if you sprint you'll never finish the race, just pace yourself and you'll get there a lot faster then not.
  4. Johnson LCO

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    Not to put you down or anything, but even if you had a brand new grasshopper 928d and a brand new F350 and whatever else you can think of, not many people will take you seriously at your age. Ask people on here who are 18 to early twenties and they have trouble being taken seriously sometimes. I would stick with the 21 because someone might see you with a huge mower and be scared off because of the potential damage that you can inflict on yourself and their property.

    Obviously your not licensed and insured. (There, I beat everyone else to it, I would of bet my truck the next post was about license/insurance)
  5. capnsac

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    nope, I win johnson, well half win at least, so I'll just take your trailer instead...please...

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    My advice is stick with the equipment that you have. Keep plugging away and working hard. Don't get too sidetracked with lawns that you don't do well in school. Just do the amount of lawns that you can handle and that you are comfortable with. Don't let people take advantage of you and don't let people on this site tell you that you shouldn't be cutting grass. It's a good way to make some money and teach you how to deal with people as well as learning a trade. Just be careful out there. Good luck.
  7. Runner

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    Matt, Keep doing what you're doing. If it's working keep using it. you will eventually grow and need a bigger mower out of necessity,...not for what it looks like. If it was all based on "how it looks", then I'd be just cruisin' around town everyday with a couple of giant John Deeres on a trailer pulled by a big fascious dump truck. As it is, I only use this outfit on Saturdays, to compensate for other areas in my life that are rather "inadequate".
  8. RGM

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    I cut grass when I was kid also I used my fathers old mower. My second season I bought a used tractor and a cart out of the paper and towed my mower around with it. Glad my dad new how to work on mowers back then.
  9. stevepk

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    I agree school and summer fun. Side job are fine for spending money.
  10. Jay Ray

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    See thread below: "For all you teenage mowers" by born2farm

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