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    Hey yall,

    I'm 23 and I just got back from Afghanistan about a month ago (Army Medic attached to Combat Engineer Company, Route Clarence) and have planned since before I was mobilized to finally go full time in the lawn and garden care industry. I was able to save up a decent amount of money to start up and float for my first year if need be. I have been cutting grass since I was 5 and in high school even had enough business to need a helper for a while. I lost interest and joined the Army Reserves, then college, then the work force and I absolutely hated working for other people. Now I am very excited to get back out there making the world a little better everyday while having a decent income that only I am to blame for.

    I have a '67 chevy C10 before anyone laughs... yes I know its not what most would use for a work truck but it was a good deal and runs like a normal 5 year old truck. and hopefully the novelty of it might even draw some business.

    I finally found a good trailer on CL yesterday 6'x12' utility with back ramp.. already had some guicci looking trimmer holders on the side, probably cost the PO way too much. I paid 800 for it.

    There is a local lawn and pool store going out of business and I am going in to talk to the owner on monday about putting together a package deal at below cost.. saying as he is going to have to pay recrating fees on everything he sends back anyway. Could be a good deal.. wont know till then.. he has a few snapperpro mowers and kawasaki trimmers.. I'm leaning towards the 32" zero turn.. as of now it is 3850, might be able to work that down.

    I have a husqvarna back pack blower that I like a lot, good mph and pretty light weight and fuel efficient.

    As of now I have a new troy built trimmer.. I have mixed feelings about it. It handles heavy line and will edge pretty good but the engine just seems like it has more to give but wont.. it works best around 25% throttle and wants to choke out or give me no power when i give it full gas.. not sure what thats about but its going to be a backup anyway.

    As far as my business plan goes I have always looked for retirees and widows as my main customer base, they always seem to love having a young professional looking white guy (lets face it.... its the south lol) doing their lawn and gardens. I am centrally located in my town so routes should be short

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, like I said earlier I'm not new to this but I am new to being serious about it, and I'm sure the collective experience on the forum is in the thousands of years so I'm all ears gentlemen..

    Thanks ahead,
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    Welcome from South Louisiana. And from one Veteran to another Welcome Home.
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    Thanks man, its good to be home. I was actually wondering about that, I hate to be "that guy" but have you ever mentioned like on your business card or website that you are a vet? think it helps any? I dont want charity but here in the south there is a lot of support of us that served.
  4. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    Welcome from Fort Worth, Texas.
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    Welcome from nj, thanks for your service..
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    Welcome from the North Country.... I have already thanked Jacob and I will thank you as well. The United States of America would be non existent if not for the sacrifices that YOU made. I am not a vet myself but I would most certainly suggest promoting yourself as such. It's something to be proud of and let's face it, any leg up on the competition helps.... P.S That Troy Built just sounds like it might need a little tweak on the carb.....
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    Thanks buddy. You already paid us with your taxes.. No need for anything else in my book. And thanks for the advice, I'll play with the carb tomorrow and see what I can do.
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