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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnworker, Jan 21, 2006.

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    Help needed, Hey all I usually do small planting jobs and mowing, but I have been asked to bid on a large planting job. 77 White Pine 15 gallon 5' O. A. Height, 115 Kaempferi Azalea 5 gallon/ 1" min thickness, and 400 Kaempferi azalea of the 3 gallon size. What kind of price should a job like this bring, and how long would it take two people to plant all these?

    The plan calls for no bare root planting "all plants must be dug, balled, burlap and transported to the site" I am a little bit confused by this. All I have ever dealt with with in Azalea's are container grown plants from local supply chains.

    The plan also has a lot of confusing wording like ONE row of pines to be planted then stagger trees between rows. Is this normal for Engineer prepared plans?

    Could I sub this out to a larger company that is used to this scale of work?
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    Things may be very different up your way, but down here you couldn't find B&B azaleas if your life depended on it. They just aren't grown that way anymore.

    The pines would be B&B with wire cages. What the plans are calling for is one row of trees spaced, then the second row would have the same spacing, but be placed in the "gaps" of the first row.

    How long to install will depend on the conditions there, whether it's to be done in beds or open ground, how you would be installing them (by hand or with a bobcat and auger),how much "get up and go" do you and crew have. There's just a lot to consider.

    In order to price the job, you need the delivered price of your material. Then the cost of said after you mark it up. Now throw in the "cost" of your labor and figure out how much you want to make on the job. Don't forget to factor in the costs of replacing material that doesn't make it, unless you don't plan to warranty the material.

    Make sense?

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  3. gammon landscaping

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    around 18000 + plants on site price
  4. gammon landscaping

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    what about the mulching ??
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    im having a little trouble finding the kaempferi azelea, any substitutions?

    the five foot b&b white pines are $20.00 each plus freight. out of SE Rockingham county NC. 30min SE of Danville. I'm not sure where in VA you are.

    if I used a sub azelea they run about 15 each for 5 gallon and 8.50 each for 3 gallon

    how open is the site, could you get equipment to this site?

    the nursery is close to our shop so no I can't figure what freight would cost you.

    about $69.00 per pine planted = 5313.00
    about $3967.50 for 5 gallon azelea
    about $7820.00 for the 3 gallon size
    $17100.50 for plant materials installed, this includes staking the 77 white pines

    as for the mulch without knowing the areas that are planted I can't figure this, but a rule of thumb is sq ft x .25 divided by 27 is your yards.

    if it is pine needles 4.5 x yards = bales

    this is how I would price this in my area, but If I was going 200 miles into VA then I would add $2500.00 to transport all the necessary equipment and materials North.

    also bear in mind the azelas I quotes may not be acceptable, this may be a uncomon variety and cost more to purchase.
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    Thanks for the replies.
  7. Grn Mtn

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    (077)---5 gal White Pine @-----------------$70 = $5,390
    (115)---5 gal Azalea @---------------------$32 = $3,680
    (400)---3 gal Azalea @---------------------$19 = $7,600
    (154)---5' Hardwood Stakes @--------------$3 = $462
    (008)---50 lbs Boxes Bio-Plex 4-in-1 @--$150 = $1200
    One week rental of Dingo + auger attachments = $500
    Labor (50 hours estimated @ $100) ----------- = $5000


    Plants are contractor pricing for quantities 10 and under, they would be less for large quantities, but you would still want some mark-up on the plants to cover any replacement costs say 30%. So really the prices are probably in the ballpark. Now I have a nursery with acres of plants but even they would need major lead-time to get this order fulfilled.

    The Bio-Plex is to help insure plant survivability

    I estimated the hours at 5 min per plant. Its a big average that can swing either way. It will take time just to stage the plants, and if the area is open and large I would use a tractor or skidsteer to speed things up.

    What about mulch? $$$

    Someone has to water these? $$$

    Sounds like a very boring planting, I just can't picture it looking interesting.
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    My price would have been 6500.00 less, but we do not warranty any plants unless we install or approve the irrigation system. although we wouldn't rent any equipment or have any materials delivered. But that price would have been contingent upon the space being accesable to skid steer and tractor.
  9. Grn Mtn

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    I thought you just said it would be $17,100.50? Or are you saying your labor price would be $6,500? Since you own your own skidsteer and tractor, how do you buy new ones if you don't bill for them (IE Rental Fee?)

    Also, 5' White Pines for $20:eek: Do they look like Charlie Brown Trees:p
  10. Grn Mtn

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    Sorry I was tired and didn't read your response carefully enough. Your saying that you underbid me by $6500.

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