BIG problem - metal pieces!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by 3/4tonTodd, Jan 2, 2001.

  1. 3/4tonTodd

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    I actually have tarps, and I'll probably use one - here's the thing on that, though - One of them is wrapped tightly around the lawn mower (Small house = small basement, and I'm sure not leaving my table saw outside!! gotta have something to do in the winter when I'm not working on my truck!) The other two tarps are neatly folded under the mower. Oh, the mower is up against the house and buried under almost four feet of snow. So, I imagine I'll spend half an hour digging out a tarp before I crawl under the truck.

  2. mike reeh

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    I have some friends (they're brothers) that live in a residential area with an alley behind their house where they work on stuff, and they always save the pizza boxes from "new yorks giant pizza" for mats to lay on.. heh, they are HUGE pizza boxes, unfolded its more than enough space for your whole body, minus feet.. just a little something I thought Id bring up..

    You might goto home depot or something and spend a couple bucks on a cheap peice of 4x8 plywood to roll around on.. man working under vehicles w/o a creeper sucks :( good luck, and as always, keep us posted.

  3. Alan

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    I guess I'm just foolish, but I'd run the sucker. Anything very big won't pass teh pump screen and if it does it's gonna be way too big to pass the filter.
  4. 84'GMC4x4

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    Alan, i could be wrong, but if it does pass the screen wouldn't it then have to pass the oil pump before it gets to the filter? if so, that would probably cause some trouble in the pump.

  5. 3/4tonTodd

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    from Iowa
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    I like the idea of tossing down a chunk of plywood...but I can't get my hands on another truck today....bummer, eh?

    Oh well. Something to grab for the next time, I guess, and, I'm confident that there will be a next time!


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